All about blogging men (link love)

This morning I yelled at Paul in his comments’ section. 😮

Now, let my clarify. I did not tell at him, but rather I ranted about our godforsaken wind chills we are still suffering through here in southern ❄ 🇨🇦 .

But I digress. Paul is an interesting guy who lives in Belgium and entertains us on a variety of topics. Go read this post, he’s talking about craft beer. 🍺 🇧🇪

Jim is another one who endlessly entertains. He’s American, living in Minnesota. He’s got these quotes, which he calls thoughts, to get us through another Tuesday, or whatever. Of course, he also complains about weather, and then there was the thing about the shower…lol 🙄 🇺🇸

Jim also posts on Instragram. He posts pictures of snow, food, and places he’s traveled to.

Then there’s the British men 🇬🇧. There’s a few who visit here regularly, like Mr. Shepherdson, who is often preoccupied about women. 😉 But, when he’s not thinking or talking or blogging about sex (!) he takes awesome day trips around London and blogs, with pictures, about all the amazing history that makes Britain such an interesting place.

Canada is close with Britain, we have a deep relationship with them that reaches back to Canada’s inception.

Did you know we have a governor general here in Canada, a person who represents the Queen of England in our country?  In other words, a governor general is the the chief representative of the Crown in a Commonwealth country of which the British monarch is head of state.

There have been 29 governor generals since 1867 (Canada’s birthday). I’m a little bit ambiguous about his or her role (it’s a women this time, a former astronaut), as they are appointed by the Prime Minister, and their salary is paid by the tax dollar. But this isn’t a rant about taxes, so we’ll just leave it at that.

Then there’s Jonathan, also from England 🇬🇧 . He’s a virtual traveler 😉, but if you follow him along you’ll find him all over the internet. Currently was blogging at which is connected to Evernote, but is now back at Tumblr. His pictures on Instagram are vivid and always tell a story which is what it’s about, right? We’re all story tellers who read stories.

By the way, it was Jonathan who recommended I reactivate and use Evernote for my writing. I had an old account which I let go dormant, but once I went back on, and then watched a couple of how-to clips (Steve Dotto at Dotto Tech is excellent and happens to be Canadian), I was hooked.

Did you know Evernote indexes images? Say, for example, you are reading a book and you want to make note of a passage. Instead of using a highlighter, or a post-it note, snap a photo of it and load it into Evernote. When you need to reference that particular passage, simply search for the term you remember and it will bring up your passage image.

This youtube video describes the process very well.

I do this for my research now. 😊

Another British blogger I recently discovered is Bereavedsingledad. He is parenting his tween boy on his own and has such a unique perspective, often directly linked to his son’s interpretations, I rather enjoy dropping in on his blog posts. You’ll find me liking or commenting there often, and you will find him here too. 🇬🇧 ❤

That’s it, for now. There are, obviously, other men who follow me here or whom I follow, perhaps a follow up post is in order in the next few weeks.

Tell me, do you have any interesting male bloggers worth a mention? Let’s share!

22 thoughts on “All about blogging men (link love)

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever been accused of being interesting before 😉

    Thanks for the link, and now to take a look at all of the other blogs you mentioned 🙂

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  2. Yup, I want to give a shout out to Greg at Almost Iowa. He lives in rural southern Minnesota near, as you may guess from his blog name, the Iowa border. He is a terrific storyteller, a writer with a trademark sense of humor. His stories often have O. Henry surprise endings and messages within, sometimes hidden, sometimes not.
    You can find him here:
    He is just as entertaining in person. Randy and I met Greg and his wife at a local brewery months ago and thoroughly enjoyed our conversation/time with them.

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