Carb filled weekend getaway

I am typing this post from inside a hotel room.

First thing she did was pick a bed as hers, then promptly rolled around on mine.

Do I have to explain what prepubescent children smell like after ringette or hockey?


I kicked her off my bed and told her to stay on hers for the next three days. 😊

We’re in Niagara Falls again, for a ringette tournament this time. The games are scheduled rather nicely spaced apart which pleases me because it means we get to sleep in, eat at normal times of the day, and play during regular daylight hours.

Not all tournament schedules work out this well. We lucked out this time.

It feels a little bit like a vacation for me. Getting away from the daily routine, not having to cook or organize or do laundry…

It’s OK. Not a *real* vacation, but OK. Basically we’re going to rinks for games and eating carbs back at the hotel.

I’m seriously considering cutting all carbs for the remainder of March, once we get back home. Especially white flour and sugar, but also alcohol. I’m rarely drinking these days but on a day filled with carbs, a glass of wine or two sends me into a lethargic state both in body and mind.

I felt it yesterday, first day of tournament. These trips are not meant for healthy eating although we do make the effort to balance out the junk with veg and fruit. (The adults, not the kids. We barely see the kids!)

I started out with breakfast at home, then coffee and donut just before we got to the rink.

Then, potluck after the first game which was sandwiches, party mix and chips, and veggies. Later, after the second game, pizza at the hotel.

Too many carbs for me in one day. I felt like crashing by 10 pm. 😊

I’ll tackle the dietary changes when we get back home and worry about it later.

In the meantime we have only one game on Saturday and if the weather cooperates, maybe we can walk down to the majestic falls and play tourist for the afternoon.

Happy weekend everyone!

What’s up in your corner of the world?

23 thoughts on “Carb filled weekend getaway

  1. We went for a drive Sunday afternoon just to get out and about. We encountered icy roads and some snowdrifts, but not terrible. Then we stopped at a craft brewery and chatted it up with folks also escaping this brutal winter. Many were watching baseball. More than half were wearing flannel shirts. Just some odd observations.

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  2. A day housebound here because of the snow. Or should I say I was guilted into not going anywhere, even though I had an event I really wanted to attend, and am unhappy that I missed. And it didn’t even snow that much until I would have been home. On the upside, I’ll be featured on a radio show tomorrow evening, so that will be the highlight of the weekend.

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  3. Great to see you’re getting some “sort of” time out from the usual routine. I’m supposed to be at a fund-raising dinner tonight, but have been sick all day, so sitting at home listening to the washing machine πŸ™‚

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  4. Enjoyed you post. We’re in sunny Florida and going to see The Green Book movie tonight. Would love to see the Falls at this time of year. The carb thing, I’m diabetic have been for 35 or more years. The only foods that don’t have carbs are fats and protein. . . . just saying, Claudia

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    1. Yes! I love protein and veg as a meal. πŸ™ƒ I guess I should have clarified, no processed carbs. White flour and sugar. That kind of thing. Which is easily cut when I’m at home. 😊

      Thank you for reading!

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