Growth spurts

Today I took my boy to Costco to get his passport photo done. And mine, too. Both of us are due to renew…

It appears a trip to Switzerland is in the works. My girl child is pestering me to death, and my family in Europe had given us a standing invitation, so now I’m finally figuring out what dates would be suitable.

For that we need current passports, of course, which is why we were at Costco. They have good prices there. πŸ™‚

While I was there with this teen boy of mine I made him look through the clothing section. Typically I buy him stuff to wear and just hope for the best that my estimates are close enough. But this time, since he was there, he had to try on things.

Oh the drama. The ordeal the poor kid had to go through. The indignity!


He’s into athletic wear and not much else. This is how it went:

I pointed to a stack of Reebok t-shirts and said ‘try one on’.

He hummed and hawed but tried one on over top of his hoodie.

I said ‘take the hoodie off’.

He hummed and hawed.

Tried it on over top of his current t-shirt.

It fit.

We picked two.

I pointed to the next stack.

Wash. Lather. Repeat. πŸ™‚

We walked out of there with passport photos and 6 new tops for him plus two athletic type pants (which are going back, he didn’t try those on till we got home).

My boy is now wearing men’s size small and medium. YIKES!

Speaking of growth spurts: remember the puppy I walk?

This was him back on January 21.

Last week (February 22) he looked like this.

In this last picture, I had just come in from playing with him in the backyard. He REFUSED to come back into the house.

He didn’t want the fun to stop.

So it took me a while to get him to finally decide that sitting out in the wet, cold snow with his fun playmate (me!) ignoring him indoors was no fun.

But he tricked me. I’d slide open the door and he’d rush in to greet me, but as soon as I tried to slide the door closed again he’d escape.

I had to come up with a few tricks of my own to get him to finally return inside.

Tomorrow, I get to walk him again.

Happy Monday! How’s your beginning of the week looking?

17 thoughts on “Growth spurts

  1. Oh, I remember those rare shopping trips with the teen son. Horrible. I usually did like you. Bought, took home for him to try on and then return. Sigh. I empathize.

    My son is now in his mid-20s, quite tall and still lean. He orders his clothes mostly online. I’m thankful I don’t have to deal with that drama any more.

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  2. I was shocked in September to discover that the eldest boy is now wearing adult sized clothing. Size small, but still…

    And he is only one shoe size smaller than me. I’m going to have to keep an eye on my boots before long.

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