New path, same blog…

This post is about my ongoing search in looking for quality blog content. The kind of content that isn’t pushing some business or marketing strategy on me. Or tries to solicit to me to purchase something.

But first, I have a question:

What exactly is fan fiction?

Does it mean you take an existing character from a book or a movie and make your own story with it?

Can it be a celebrity or is that another type of genre in fiction?

For example, there’s a lot of fuss over Daryl Dixon from the Walking Dead. If you were to write a story about him, would that be fan fiction?

What if you write a story about the actor himself (his name is Norman Reedus in case you live under a rock). Is that still fan fiction even though you’re now writing a story about an actual person who existsΒ  and not a character that was created by someone?

I am so confused.


Maybe you know that I’ve been dabbling in creative writing lately. This is a little experiment I’m on, trying to push beyond my comfort zone. Doing something that’s a little…different.

I may or may not publish some of it in my pages listed above. Just for fun.

Why am I doing this? Well, I’m tired of all the parenting drama. So I needed an outlet away from that. This is what I came up with. Writing fiction. Romantic fiction. Steamy romantic fiction…lol (We’ll see…) πŸ™ƒ

Some people write short stories and put them on their blogs. I ❀ those people (you know who you are)!

However, lately I’ve noticed an increase in marketing/business peeps following me on WP.

I have nothing against business blogs. I understand that creating a business and selling stuff via blogs or websites has a place in today’s economy. But I don’t understand why they’re following me.

When I click their links I see no content beyond ‘buy this, join that’. It doesn’t serve my creativity or my interest in following them back.

My blog is not about helping someone increase their business opportunities. It’s a creative outlet (for me) and, more importantly, it’s a community.

I’m not here for business, I’m here for creativity, community and for the love of writing.

I’m not interested in purchasing services or products.

But I am interested in dialogue, communication, sharing of ideas. Creativity. That kind of thing.

Although don’t be surprised if I complain about the parenting angle again…I mean, it’s such a big part of me, I can’t help myself.


It’s Tuesday! Used to be my favorite day of the week but not today…gotta rush off.


20 thoughts on “New path, same blog…

  1. As you know, the spammers and marketing morons eventually caused me to leave WordPress – to live on my own little island away from everything lol. It’s been interesting though – this self imposed seclusion – because I’ve started discovering all manner of writers outside of the city walls that I otherwise would never have found. I’ll have to start compiling a list, and add it to my blog as a page at some point. Back in the day all blogs had blogrolls πŸ™‚

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  2. Delete those followers who are following you for all the wrong reasons.

    Several years ago I tried my creativity in writing short stories, entering them in a Minnesota anthology competition. I did well, got some of the stories published. I find I enjoy the challenge of writing short stories, typically rooted in reality.

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  3. You just wrote my blog post for today. I have followers who “like” posts so fast there’s no way they actually read them, and a lot of spam followers trying to sell me stuff. I don’t trade follows for follows or likes for like, and I only follow blogs I actually enjoy reading.

    I’m in it for the writing – and I’m having a hard time finding blogs to follow that actually are ABOUT something instead of trying to sell me something or peddle some get rich quick scheme or purport to advise me on how to get more followers. What’s the point of pumping up the numbers if they’re all people who don’t give a damn what you are writing about? I understand trying to build an audience as a writer, but not at the expense of quality content.

    But dammit, Claudette, now I have to think of something else to write about today (or tomorrow!) ; )

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    1. I follow what I want to read. Period. Everything else I leave. Yes I look at the stats sometimes, but usually I look at the likes or comments more. Someone took time out of their busy day to acknowledge something I wrote. I appreciate that.

      I do the same when I read something I like. But I don’t expect a return.

      Looks like many of us are in the same boat. πŸ™‚


  4. Firstly – no idea about the Fan fiction, sorry! … Secondly, I agree with you about it blogs being an outlet but I also have seen an increase in the business blogs… Each to their own I guess! πŸ™„

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  5. Fan fiction is when you take some other writer’s characters and write your own story with it. It always strikes me as a way of talking about the fictional characters and worlds that you have enjoyed and speculating further about them. I have never been interested in fan fiction myself, but I did play a lot of roleplaying games when I was younger, which probably scratches much the same itch.

    I’ve noticed a number of marketing and promotional sites either following my blog or liking several random posts. The likes I understand because that creates links back to their own sites (and I keep wondering whether I should do something about that) but the follows seem a bit pointless.

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    1. Ok. So say I’m writing a story about a celebrity. In this case, my protagonist (a middle aged woman) meets a famous singer who just performed several concerts in the area. The singer, who exists in real life but I don’t name beyond his first name, is the love/lust interest of the protagonist. Is this fan fiction?


      1. Probably not, in my opinion. As I understand it, fan fiction is about is about playing around with fictional characters. Putting a real character in a story wouldn’t make it fan fiction, otherwise every story with a historical or present day setting would be fan fiction.

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  6. Claudette ‘Steamy Romantic Fiction’ is tremendous fun to write, you just have to give it a try!

    I’d respectfully suggest you take a long hot reinvigorating shower, πŸ€” dream up an idea, hop out, switch on the tablet then just go for it! πŸ€—

    (πŸ€”You are a mom though so perhaps that makes this genre problematic?)

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  7. I have noticed all the “spam followers” lately too. Especially if you use categories or tags of “blog”, “blogging”, etc. I haven’t yet found one that was actually legit and it’s annoying to say the least.

    Good luck on the new direction!

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  8. Good evening, I’ve too noticed alot more companies crop up on WB. I don’t particularly mind if they’re advertising fashion or products that I would use, but yes otherwise, I don’t really wish to see them and am too confused on why a few have followed me? Maybe they’re trying to make up numbers??
    And I have no idea about fan fiction, but then again, I’ve never looked into it. I may have to Google it now though. I’ve tried writing before, and although it’s much quicker to type on my phone or laptop, the ideas tend to flow so much better when I put pen to paper. I look forward to reading your latest material πŸ™‚ have a good evening! X

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