I’m so stressed.

Also I quit parenting teens.

Just so you know.

Here’s what I need: a writing retreat in a beautiful city where I can write, people watch, be inspired, do my thing.

Where should I go? And who wants to foot the bill? 🙄


20 thoughts on “Stress

  1. Oh my gosh! I can totally relate…I felt like you were in my head with the comment of a writing retreat in a beautiful city. Where do I sign up? 😉

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  2. One more thing, last night we had a row of teenagers behind us and one of the girls said, “Teenagers are horrible. Even I can’t stand myself most of the time.” I loved the insight and TBH, they were a chatty, interesting group and when the movie started they were wonderfully quiet.

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  3. I do not have teens, yet. But i do have 4 children and it can be stressful. I can only imagine your stress. I love reading your posts, so in your own words keep writing😁 hopefully it will help you a bit

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  4. Sorry, wish I could help. Butt (intentional)…all I’ve got is a bunch of beachwear that I have to return…if you can fit in our luggage, though, you’re welcome to escape to the tropics with our family! Adult trips are fun!

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