Finally… (warning: rant ahead)

My dog walking is back. Seems the city is learning how to deal with winter and schools are open and everyone is expected to go to work or do grocery shopping or whatever it is that people do with their day so I got called back to my duties as dog walker extraordinaire. Because the dogs’ humans are back at work.

Wanna know something?

I hate dog walking right now.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love love LOVE my dogs. But the slush and frozen snowbanks and the uncleared roads and the freezing rain and the flash floods and all the ick is wearing me down.

I had to leave the Airedale in the house while defrosting the car to drive the kids to school this morning. Even if they wanted to walk to the bus stop, they would have been soaked, and the injured kid might have slipped and fallen and re-injured himself. So I drive. I also pick up another kid on the way.

It took me 15 minutes to get all the ice and fresh snow on top of the ice off the car. I know this because I went to scrape the car at 8:15 and by 8:30 the teen still wasn’t ready to go. So I yelled at him to get his ass into the car for school and we finally left at 8:35.

My daughter’s school bell rings at 8:40. In this weather, with the road conditions as they are, it takes at least 10 minutes, maybe more, to get to her school.

I didn’t even get a shower in this morning. I still wore my long johns I had on for sleeping because it’s cold and miserable and all I want to do is stay in bed. I just threw other clothes on top which will get soaked anyway and hoped to get a shower in later.

Driving the kids did not impress me either. The side roads are not cleared (they do the main roads first, and the highways), and the slush was semi frozen which had me fear that the underside of the car would get punctured. Or the tires, too…

It was a mess.

By the time I got to my daughter’s friend’s house to pick her up, I was longing for coffee in front of my laptop.

But of course things got worse, not better. A simple 5-minute drive must turn into some fiasco…

The street we usually take was blocked by a school bus and a crooked van parked in such a way that it was impossible to pass by them.

Neither was moving. Did they crash into each other? There was no room to get up that street because the snow banks on either side of the road made it impossible to try and get around them.

I had to back up in slippery conditions and choose another route. Added another 2 minutes to my drive. Then I dropped the girls at their school and continued on to my son’s school.

By now I’m literally YEARNING for coffee.

But of course that drive was not smooth either. There was a van ahead of me trying to make a left turn into a busy road, and when he finally found space between traffic to make that turn he decides to drive into the road he’s supposed to but stops and parks diagonally, with the rear of the van sticking out halfway into the street.

I’m trying to figure out what the hell his problem is. Why is he sitting like this? At the very least, park parallel to the street so the rest of us CAN GET BY YOU MORON.


The Kiss and Ride at my son’s school was slower than slow, more idiots who don’t pull up to let the cars behind them advance as well and keep the line moving.


I finally get home but there is no time for coffee.

There was the pitiful looking Airedale who really wanted to stretch his legs staring at me, sticking his head between my legs, trying to nudge me into letting him outside.

I really didn’t want to walk him.

I walked him. Because I am me and he is a dog and deserves it, I walked him through the slush and mess getting soaked to the skin in the process.

The only thing that was better on this walk was that it was daylight and not currently pissing down freezing rain.

Like last night. Let’s not talk about last night.

Thing is if I don’t walk the dog he will be pestering me all day. And I have to do several things today including get food into this house (shopping, blah) and walk two other dogs.

The two other dogs will be another adventure I’m sure. The puppy will wrap himself around his leash, get soaking wet, jump on me, and be generally happy in the way that puppies are. This will make me temporarily happy because who doesn’t love puppy antics? Until he flips a switch in his puppy brain and shows me how pissed off he is that I put him back in his crate after 45 minutes.

Then I will have to head over to the Bichon’s house. He’s tiny, 13 lbs, and has very short legs. His human sent me a photo of him yesterday crashed on a pillow in front of the fireplace. She texted ‘he refuses to go outside’ so I’m anticipating some resistance when I get there.

I will force him to walk around one block, so he can pee, and then play with his favorite ball inside his house.

By the time I’m done with him, I’ll be back home to change, eat some cheese and crackers if there’s any left, and then head out to the grocery store.

That will not improve my mood and I wonder if I should just plug myself into some Spotify and ignore everyone and do my thing.

So, there you go. A ranty blog post. Yippiedoo.


14 thoughts on “Finally… (warning: rant ahead)

  1. Ranting is cathartic and helps you let go.
    The ice is the worst. About 5 years ago, walking my dog at night, I hit a patch of ice around the corner from my house. I fell back, hit my head, and lay on the ground wondering if I didn’t get up would someone find me. Fortunately, I got up and went home, but I did have a concussion and a headache for a few days.

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