My boyfriend is back…

And you’re gonna be in trouble…

Wasn’t that a song at one time? lol

Well, he’s back. And he moved in. And we just got back from a walk. In which I was almost killed by ice.

There’s ice falling from the sky. Ice on the roads. Ice on the sidewalks. Ice on the fields and in the park and the path and all around.


Don’t talk to me. I’ll be schmoozing with my boyfriend. INDOORS.

17 thoughts on “My boyfriend is back…

  1. Hey, La, Hey, La, my boyfriend’s back! So look out now you better cut out on the double, Hey la, hey la, my boyfriend’s back YEAH I can see him comin’! NOW you better start a runnin’! aaa-oooo, wait and see!

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. Watch out for that ice!

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