Bullet points ramble

  • There is no food in this house and my grocery list in my bag is ripped and smudged, thereby illegible and my excuse for not going shopping.

  • I do not know what to pack for school lunches today as there is no food here.
  • It rained last night. The rain has melted half the snow and everything is a wet, slushy mess.
  • The injured kid has school hockey today. He will want to attend because it’s an opportunity to be out of the classroom which will mean he’ll text me for a ride to the rink.
  • I will have to send him back a reminder that I am unavailable for chauffeuring due to dog-walking.
  • Puppy play will be a pain in the ass in this weather today.
  • I have to clear the main floor of all the clutter because tomorrow, the Airedale is coming to spend a week with us while his humans go to someplace hot and sunny on vacation.
  • I want to go someplace hot and sunny for vacation.
  • The dog coming here is both good and bad news: I love a clean, empty, minimalist living space but most of the clutter belongs to everyone else (i.e. not me) so getting them to clean will be a challenge.
  • Jerry (the dog) likes socks, stuffed toys and blankets/towels/pillows to chew on or rip up. These are the items that must disappear from this the living area.
  • There are currently 63853 pillows on the couch. And numerous towels due to wet boots and sports equipment.
  • Since there is no food to eat I may as well make more coffee.

Good morning Tuesday!

23 thoughts on “Bullet points ramble

  1. Our outside cat was hit by a car in the heavy fog this morning. We had her for 15 years. I ran into her dead body walking the pug, threw up, and ran back to the house. My husband and I shoveled her off the road and then buried her before the scavengers came. That is how our morning began. Such is the way of life. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for both of us.

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      1. They are but she led a good life with us. I don’t like how she passed away though. We thought she would pass peacefully on the porch. Unfortunately, she was not an indoor cat and she was a wanderer. Thanks for your thoughts.

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