Reading and reflecting: 9th edition

Here is a thing that seems appropriate in snowy weather – adults in snow pants. Do you wear snow pants? I do sometimes when I’m out walking the dogs…
Why do adults in Ottawa wear snow pants on the bus?

* * * * *

What about this? lol…the ‘good’ old days. 🙂carstraps

* * * * *

How about this poll? I don’t know what the answer is…but it’s a funny question:

* * * * *

Here’s a thing about Vaseline. When I was a new mom with an infant, a doctor recommended we use simple Vaseline on his diaper area to prevent rash. I remember thinking, gross, that’s a petroleum product, isn’t that a bi-product of the oil industry? And I’m supposed to put that on my baby’s virgin skin?

We used something different, with zinc in it (to prevent/treat diaper rash) and later switched to shea butter.
The truth about Vaseline

* * * * *

And finally, for those of you who have your minds in the gutter…
A *steamy* video.  😉

9 thoughts on “Reading and reflecting: 9th edition

  1. The snowpants is hilarious. I live in Ottawa and take the bus everyday to work and yes, you definitely see them! All I can think is smart people! While I am freezing and snowpant-less.

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