Lingering effects of endless distractions

The Weather Network on TV is having so! much! fun! with all of our weather woes here in North America at the moment. It’s quite amusing to sit on my couch with my coffee and watch them explain, over and over again, what to do and not to do because of the dangerous wind chills, and the snow, and the ice, and all the rest of it.

There’s a segment that appears every so often where viewers upload their own videos of weather related things. It’s interesting because it’s quite international, which makes it a little more stimulating to watch while simultaneously providing us with some perspective. There was that dam that broke somewhere in South America recently (Brazil?) that featured just horrible images of people struggling to dig out of mud and debris. So horrifying to even imagine going through something like this…

Then they showed a scene from Manchester, UK where the sky was grey and the snow was falling. Looked like a regular winter day to me but perhaps for the people in Manchester, this was a major winter event to film, and post to the world wide web. πŸ™‚

Locally, besides the usual reports of morons driving cars without respect for the elements and inevitably causing accidents, many of them fatal, there are also short clips of firefighters trying to douse a raging fire in a community center which is attached to a school. Pretty much immediately after the water is sprayed, it freezes. The entire building, even the non-damaged parts by fire, is now encased with ice. There will likely be very little clean up done to salvage whatever might be salvageable in the foreseeable future what with the polar vortex still lingering around us. They’re going to have to wait until the ice melts.

This could take a while…

I feel lucky to be sitting here in a warm house with a hot coffee, a fluffy dog to keep me company, and no reason to have to wrap myself into 17 layers to head outdoors.

Ok, that last part was a lie. Because naturally, my idyllic-sounding life (HAHAHA!) is anything but.

Can I complain, just a little?

First, the boy child is in pain with his shoulder. I feel for him but at the same time he cannot sit on the couch for the next 3 weeks just because he’s bored in school. Somehow he has to learn how to manage his school day with little mobility on his right upper side. He has to learn how to deal with a little discomfort. I realize a broken collarbone is no fun, but if we coddle him, he’ll turn into a snowflake and the last thing we need is more snowflakes… ❄ πŸ™„ ❄

Then, my dog walking was somewhat adjusted for today because of some construction people coming and going at their house. Could I sit him at my house for a bit today? I have no issues with this, my house is pet friendly at all times. So I texted back last night I’d be happy to take the pooch here, especially since he’s not big on long walks right now anyway. Well, first thing this morning they’re in a mess due to some frozen pipes and could I please pick up Jasper earlier and just keep him for the entire day? Of course I can. I drove over to get him even though he only lives two blocks away because I wasn’t dressed yet and still on my second coffee. To walk in -20 degree weather I would need 17 layers to put on and that’s too much effort on less than two coffees. πŸ™ƒ

So I drove. The car started! Yay! Nice to know the battery didn’t freeze.

I brought Jasper here. I will walk him later, maybe toss the ball around the backyard a bit, see how he does with that. He’ll be distracted just by being in our house instead of his house, and once the kids get home, he’ll have even more fun.

THEN, the boy child texted he wants to come home, he’s still in pain. After a bit of negotiation and encouragement we agreed I’d pick him up at lunch. It’s Friday, not much happens in the afternoon prior to a weekend in schools, so I can live with that.

By the time that was all dealt with I finally got to have a shower. I’ve been anxiously awaiting all morning for a few moments to log into my laptop and empty my head into my story I’m writing (this time it’s fiction, not my memoir) but with all the events going on I just couldn’t. I need people to not be here, or at least not be in the same room as me, when I write.

While I was in the shower I *wrote* out this entire conversation, a scene for my story, in my head. It was perfect. Have you ever done this? Write something in your head when you don’t have access to a keyboard or a notebook? I know some writers sleep with a notebook or a pad beside their bed, or their phone, so if they wake up with some brilliant thought they can jot it down quick so they won’t forget later. Well this isn’t possible in the shower unless you have a method of audio recording available to you but I’m not that sophisticated, so that didn’t happen.

As I stepped out of the shower, the thoughts were still fresh. All I needed to do was throw on something quick and park myself in front of my laptop and just hammer it out.

Except…it didn’t happen. Too many people walking around behind me, talking, making noise…

The dog was so funny thought…He was THRILLED to see me again after I disappeared into ‘that room where steam and water sounds come out of’ for 15 minutes. What a long time to be separated from me! πŸ™‚

Suffice to say my concentration is going to be off for most of the day likely. No writing fiction for me today. Instead, I did get to compose this blog post for you instead…

Stay warm.


15 thoughts on “Lingering effects of endless distractions

  1. I love how dogs have no concept of time – ours used to throw a fit if we went out without them (even to the end of the road), and then greet you like you had been away for days when you walked back in.


  2. I omitted to say I only read part one yesterday! As regards writing in the shower, I had this conversation with a blogger only the other week when she picked up on my line ‘I have been known to jump out the shower to write things down’, seriously I’ve written my best stuff in the shower! The lady commenter went on to say the sensory excitement of touching oneself also hot water against the skin stimulates the mind. Interesting no? Great post btw.

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  3. I have a chalk board where I write down snippets of vignettes, conversation and then I am distracted. Husband plays sports on tv, i hear talking)loud shouting) sports talk on phone, or the pug barks. I understand.

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