The time has come to decide…

Balance. Equilibrium. Those are terms that describe the zodiac sign Libra, which is what I am.

I love the symbol for Libra – a perfect balance.

My life at the moment doesn’t feel particularly balanced so I’ve been obsessing about how to get myself back into balance.

Then I started thinking about tattoos.

Do you like tattoos?

My family was horrified when I mentioned I was thinking of getting a small one.

I was a little surprised at their, um, strong opinions, but it’s my body, I don’t need anyone’s permission.

Anyway it doesn’t matter because a) I have a low tolerance for pain, b) I have no extra cash and c) I’m too chicken. 😊

But I’m still fantasizing about it. 🙃

Just Let Me Have My Mid Life Crisis


Thank you very much. ❤

I found some cool looking Libra tattoo designs on google. I think these would be quite suitable for me if I were to get a tattoo.

Now, where would I have it done?

I’m thinking, between shoulder blades? Someplace in the middle, obviously, not off to the side. That wouldn’t be balanced. 😜


What do you think? Aren’t they pretty?


24 thoughts on “The time has come to decide…

  1. I was thinking of getting a tattoo several years ago and one piece of advice I received was: Once you’ve chosen a design, wait for a month and, if you still like it, go for it.

    This was excellent advice for me as I tend to change my mind about my preferred tattoo design about once every three weeks.

    I never did get around to getting a tattoo as I could never settle on a preferred design.

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  2. I’m a wimp when it comes top needles and that’s kinda surprising considering all of the shots that I’ve had over the years to be ready to deploy to anywhere overseas on any given moment.

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  3. Sorry, Claudette, but I absolutely LOATHE tattoos. All I can think about is what they’ll look like when they’re faded to an ugly green-blue on saggy dry wrinkly 75 year old skin. GAAAK! Don’t tell my millennial niece or he husband.

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  4. I’m fairly certain you’ve seen my Instagram photos so it’s obvious where I fall on th I am very very much a Libra; so, one of my first tattoos was a Libra symbol just below the base of my neck.

    If you start to veer towards getting one, there are a lot of amazing artists with waiting lists (and quite a few without) which means even more time to think about it.

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  5. I’m not ever going to get a tattoo for so many reasons but I’m not against others making the choice to do it. I know this next comment puts me in old-lady “Get off my lawn” territory, but as long as it’s in a discreet place I have no problem. I do wonder about the people who have basically covered themselves with tattoos and why.

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    1. I think tattoos are chosen for two reasons, either B one or the other: 1. To be part of a trend or 2. To tell a story, something of significance to the person with the tattoo.

      I don’t know what it is that has me thinking about this so much lately…a curiosity that’s not satisfied, or something.

      I appreciate your comments, you’re not the only one who expressed ‘not for me’ here… 😊

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  6. I love tatoos, I’ve only got 1 at the moment but looking into getting the 2nd… thoses designs are great. I designed my own tatoo which had my families initials on it, I wrote a post about it quite awhile go with pics.
    My mum wasn’t too impressed that I got one but now she loves it! … x

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  7. Very pretty, but I admit it’s not my thing, for me. I like the smaller ones and I totally admit that I hate the look of all tattoos…..just doesn’t do it for me

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  8. I have two tattoos. I didn’t get one until I turned 30. I thought, if I hadn’t changed my mind about it by then, I wouldn’t.

    I must say, it felt very empowering. I think I have a fairly high pain tolerance, but still, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. And I LOVE my ink.

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