Surveys, and the Getting To Know You challenge

Years ago I discovered that you can sign up for surveys and get paid for them.

This is of course is not completely accurate; paid implies money and here I am without any…🙄  They’re not sending you wads of cash, is what I’m saying.

Nevertheless, I picked a few reputable organizations after researching them to death and started filling out their surveys on topics ranging from groceries, travel, seasonal shopping, potential new products, over-the-counter medicine and occasionally politics.

They paid you with points which you accumulate, much like all the points cards that exist everywhere today. Like Airmiles or whatever.

I once got a $25 gift card from Amazon, but that was years ago. Yippiedo.

It was kind of inconvenient because firstly, to get to the amount required for a $25 gift card you had to fill out an enormous amount of surveys.

Secondly, not all of the surveys are interesting.

Thirdly, I also discovered that not all surveys are created equal. Some, probably most, are cumbersome, repetitive and illogical. The technical writer in me got frustrated quickly.

But I didn’t despair and stuck with a couple of decent ones, and nowadays, in a lull moment, I may hop over to one of the surveys and fill it out just for fun.

One place that had an amazing survey in both set up and types of questions was LEGO. Back when my son was 6 or 7, we filled a survey out together because he was obsessed with that toy (like many young children are). Imagine our surprise when one day, a truck delivered a giant box from Denmark, with a lego crane in it, and a thank you note for participating in that survey.

THAT was amazing. 🙂

This morning, while snowed in and lazy, I stumbled around WP reader and came upon Baffled Mum‘s most recent post: she was participating in a Getting To Know You challenge and responded to a series of questions, nominated by Bereaved Single Dad.

For me, being too lazy to go out there to shovel, I jumped on that in her comments section (instead of following the rules). My excuse is I was on mobile earlier and it’s too cumbersome to link back and forth from my phone. But in the interest of keeping to the rules, the pingbacks are now officially located in this post. 🙂

So, although I have not participated in the challenge officially, some of you may be interested in doing so.

PS If you want to know my answers to the questions listed you’ll have to go visit her post here and look at the comments.

Happy Tuesday!

9 thoughts on “Surveys, and the Getting To Know You challenge

  1. I never “play the game” properly on the internet either (thinking about you responding in the comments of the other post). I guess it’s also the reason I never take part in the viral “awards” either – I say thankyou, then politely ignore them lol

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