The night leading up to Saturday started out fine, with an early bedtime and some reading material. Right? It’s nice when they’re out at hockey and I can be alone for a small amount of time…

But around 1am, I found myself tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable and not succeeding. My neck was bothering me on my left side, I just couldn’t find a position that soothed the pain.

A bit later I realized it was actually a headache that was keeping me awake, probably coming from that stiff muscle in my neck.

By 2am I knew I was done.

I needed Advil and a hot bean bag to wrap around my sore muscles, the same one I used on my thigh earlier in the day when I did some stretching on the dog bed.

I do happen to have a yoga mat, but it was downstairs and I was lazy so I stretched out on the dog bed. So what? There wasn’t currently a dog using it…πŸ™ƒ

Anyway, back to my nightly adventure. Ha. πŸ˜‰

As I sat on the couch in the middle of the night and debated: tv or phone?

I picked tv. That is, until I had the urge to type out this drivel…😊

Men In Black 3 was on the Discovery channel. I liked the first movie, thought it was funny in a stupid kind of way, but I didn’t like the sequel so I never bothered to watch the third. But, there was Will Smith and he’s kind of entertaining. So I watched a bit.

That’s when it happened. I suddenly had a craving for roast beef, hot mustard and dill pickles. And some salty cheese, like GruyΓ¨re, or maybe a sharp cheddar.


I had flashbacks to a long period of insomnia many years ago before we renovated the house. I used to sit up in the middle of the night with a similar feast all piled around me, watching the Walking Dead. That was when they were on Herschel’s farm, and the Prison, so season 2 and 3. What season are they in now? Back half of 9?

You can see I struggled with insomnia before.

Those were not fun days. Depression was clouding my outlook, lack of sleep due to non sleeping preschoolers had me walk around like a zombie half the time, and an awkward living situation with this godforsaken house at the time kept my anxiety at constant high levels.

Things have calmed down a little since then.

Now I’m sitting on the couch, waiting for the Advil to kick in. And there’s this distraction, that overwhelming craving for a salty snack.

So, during a commercial break, I got up and surveyed the fridge. No roast beef, or pickles. But there was sliced salami, smoked Gouda and whole grain crackers.

That will do. πŸ§€

I just finished. πŸ™„

Hit the spot, too. 😊

I think I’m done sleeping. I wonder how my day will go given my current state of wakefulness…I have 3 rinks to go to, and I may need to drive to suburbia to pick up some material the husband of a friend saved for me from his workshop. I gotta fix the guinea pig cage with those boards, another item to add to my bullet journal.

Men In Black is stupid so I’m going to watch Schitt’s Creek instead.

Happy Saturday to you and stay warm.

24 thoughts on “Insomnia

  1. Ugh you should’ve called me. I was probably tossing and turning with my insomnia and I, too, have salami in the fridge plus a jar of kalamata olives I could’ve shared. I love that you used the dog bed to stretch! Brilliant.

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  2. I quite liked the first men in Black film. It was fun and putting Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith in the same film was a superb move. I have no memory of Men in Black 2 whatsoever. I’m sure I saw it, but it left no impression on me at all. I hadn’t even realised that there was a third film.

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