Just Do It

This morning I’m mentally and emotionally preparing myself for the inevitable.

I’ve been prepping my brain all weekend in between trips to outdoor and indoor rinks, as well as ‘wet’ rinks (pools) 🙃 to accept the fact that Monday will be the day to make it happen.

It has to happen today. No matter what.

Then, as a stoke of luck maybe, a client’s dog cancelled the daily walking for today, and my friend who has some material I need to pick up also canceled, leaving my Monday completely open for me to get on with it.

I have no more choice to deny the task, and no more excuses. The procrastinating will end immediately after I hit publish on this ridiculous post, at which point I must, to quote Nike, just do it.

So don’t even try to distract me.

I’m going to make a hard copy list instead of an electronic one, in order to avoid my phone with all its alerts and notifications. As much as I 💟 you all for reaching out to me, I cannot let your lovely comments and likes derail me from my very important activity today. I will check up on you all later, I promise, but first, I have to focus.

Focus and determination is my thought of the day today no matter what the internet says.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I gotta add a couple more items to my final list for Costco and get this show on the road.

😉 😭 🙄

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