Reading and reflecting: 8th edition

This has been a light reading week for me. Usually I have ample sources to link to, but this week has been one of those where I either didn’t look in the right places, or there simply wasn’t as much interesting stuff floating around out there. I mean, I could list a bunch of highly cited stuff like fast food in the White House or the data mining 10 year challenge with the facebook crowd, but…ugh.

Here is what I did read and found of interest:

I think a lot of parents feel like they may be *composed* (for a lack of a better word) of multiple personalities. I know I fluctuate all over the place in my various roles…

One quote stood out to me:

A mother may be very introverted (biological) and have been raised in a quiet household (social), but when she throws a party for her daughter she becomes active and out-going for her guests, because being a “good mother” is a personal goal that means a lot to her (ideogenic).

Click this link to read the entire article: Do we all have multiple selves? How to build a more dynamic you.

The next article had me shaking my head with visions of Daryl and Co dipping into this bucket without cutlery…(this is a Walking Dead reference for those of you who live under a rock 😜)

It’s not the bucket or even the size, although obviously this is all related, but when it says 20 year shelf life…I can’t even.


Also, if you have a male teenager in your house that bucket would be empty in two days flat. 😂 Costco’s 27-Pound Mac And Cheese ‘Storage Bucket’ With 20-Year Shelf Life Sells Out

Do you eat nuts? Food Bloggers of Canada made this handy, comprehensive guide to nuts and seeds, which I found share-worthy. They all say we should increase our omegas, which nuts and seeds contain…
Complete guide to nuts and seeds


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