We need another form, no parent ever said

I think there should be a new law:

Every time a school sends home a duplicate form they have to plant a new tree.

A rant is forming in my head but I’m not gonna give in to it. 😜 But if that law existed, we’d be living in a very dense forest by now.

Today I’m feeling like an administrator. I am chained to my laptop filling out forms, pulling off forms, printing forms. Both kids have trips and events and activities needing duplicate, triplicate permission forms filled out and in some cases I have to fork over money too. Because public education is not, as one might think, free. πŸ™„

I also have to fill out a seven page medical thing, and several passport renewal documents as well.

When I started this process of form printing over the weekend, my printer ran out of yellow colour and refused to print another page even though I set it to black and white only. Right in the middle of a crucial form. So the husband stopped off to get new ink on his way home from some activity, and the printer happily printed out most of the rest of the forms.

Until today. Today the printer decides it’s now out of blue ink.

I don’t need to print in blue, just black and white, but you know printers. They have their own opinions.


And so another Tuesday has arrived. Yippie do.


14 thoughts on “We need another form, no parent ever said

  1. It’s not just about finding forms in your kids school bag that they didn’t give to you – it’s also about signing a form, and finding the signed form in their school bag, several days later. Aaarrggghhh!!!

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  2. I don’t understand why we can’t just fill in forms online & email them back. The school can print them if they need but surly it would be easier & safer to keep them online… I’m with you on this subject!😠

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    1. Our schools finally started online newsletters…but one school also sends a hard copy one home in addition to the email. I just don’t get it.

      Also, why not post to school website? Anytime you have a question you go there…reduces redundant emails, too. For example, I do not need several email reminders about kindergarten registration. But I could advise a mom to visit a school website if she needed that info…

      Don’t get me started. πŸ™ƒ

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  3. Yes, but in order for me to comment on your blog, I’m going to need you to fill out this form releasing me of any liability in the event that my comment causes you or any reader harm. Haha.

    Seriously, I feel your pain! Good luck getting through them all!

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