Reading and Reflecting: 7th edition

We’re back to another edition of reading and reflecting. I’ve been sourcing material for weeks…I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

New feature: I will add the book I’m currently reading to this list. If I’m reading a book, that is. Some weeks I barely get a chance to read more than a chapter, other weeks I devour several books in a week. Scroll down to see what is occupying my reading time this week.

Does it pay to be a writer is  a question many of us ask ourselves, often probably. Some of us make money with writing, but I’m willing to guess that the majority of us do it because we like it but don’t get a penny back for any of it. We do reap other things: community, friendship, connections, creative outlet and a host of other benefits. Here’s a piece by the New York Times that addresses this topic.
Does it pay to be a writer, by Concepción de León

These Easter Island statues are used in commercials on tv for cold medicine, at least here in Canada. They are an endless source of intrigue to many people…now there’s a new idea what their purpose is, or specifically, why that particular location was selected by their creators.

The state of one’s desk has been a topic of interest for many…some of us like a clean and tidy desk, others thrive in their mess and clutter. David L. Ulin of Literary Hub wrote a piece on how he excavated his own desk.

Tommy Tomlinson wrote a piece in the Atlantic what it’s like to be over 400 pounds in America. It is beautifully written and I found myself reading every word.
The Weight I Carry – What it’s like to be too big in America

I hesitated whether I should put this in or not. I mean, the whole thing with Trump is just so fatiguing…(and Kanye West came to my mind too as I was reading this…) Well you choose if you want to read this or not, but the points are well taken.
The confidence of the incompetent by the Washington Post

Book reading

Sound by Bella Bathurst

This book is taking longer to get through than I anticipated as the subject is very close to me. A childhood illness affected my hearing, and I struggle with this issue on and off. What intrigues me in this book is her terminology to explain some of the issues I too sometimes struggle with (although my hearing is much better than her’s is currently). I also like the way she dips into history, like when she researched Beethoven and his deep despair over his own hearing loss and deafness.

I’m only through the first few chapters, and I stop to take notes every so often which is why I’m not finished yet. 🙂

If you struggle with hearing loss, or know someone who does (elderly relatives, etc), you will find this book intriguing and insightful.


13 thoughts on “Reading and Reflecting: 7th edition

  1. I tend to suspect the whole money and writing hoodoo happened because so many print publications hired interns from wealthy families throughout the last – oh – hundred years – and had them write FOR FREE.

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  2. 😀 let me begin by saying I will never ever earn a dime from writing, lol I know my limitations and I agree I’d guess most people loitering around this internet backwater are here because well they enjoy creating and knowing others read. HOWEVER articles explaining how to monetise writing has always captured my attention……….. hmm seems a great deal of hard work to me.

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  3. Excavation of a Desk – Wow. I can’t imagine having DECADES of stuff piled up anywhere. I think I’m too afraid of bugs. With my luck I’d be sitting at his desk and a big ol’ spider would come racing across the desk. No. I can’t have any places where a spider might hide. Although I just read about Jonathan (I think you follow him, too) finding a huge, dead garden spider inside his daughter’s computer so there’s really no escaping them.

    Tommy’s story is heartbreaking. Being an unhealthy weight sucks.

    I should read the hearing loss book. My mom is 91 and wears hearing aides but they don’t help. I hate screaming at her to be heard and she hates being screamed at. I always feel bad after but Lordy is it frustrating to have to repeat yourself 500 times. I know it’s frustrating for her as well. She needs to go to a hearing specialist but refuses so she just has those hearing aides you see advertised on a page in a magazine which don’t work.

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    1. Yes, that spider Jonathan found…lol. 🙂

      The weight story was really worth reading. I identified with him a little not because I’m overweight but because of the hearing issue. I too scope out the inside of a venue like a restaurant: can I sit there and still hear conversation or is it right beside a tv or a speaker? Will the noise from the bar, or the kitchen, interfere with the patrons voice sitting at my table? That kind of thing.

      Hearing is so tricky to explain. My own experience tells me that volume often has nothing to do with it. When people speak louder at me, it does nothing to improve the quality of the sounds coming from the voice…see if you can get the book at the library or download it as an ebook. I’m anxious to continue reading it and will probably refer to it in my other blog where hearing loss is the main topic. 🙂

      And the desk thing? I cleaned my tiny desk up prior to January 1 and announced to the family that if anyone drops their crap on it there will be hell to pay. 🙂


  4. The subject of making money as a writer has been trending on twitter (not technically) in the picture book community. The idea that it’s okay to say you want to support yourself as a writer is something people don’t always feel comfortable with. This NYTimes article does a good job explaining why it’s so much harder now.

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    1. I too have seen the tweets…and many times over the years, not just recently. Canada’s Globe and Mail has done a feature on this topic in the past as well if I remember correctly.

      I’ve been paid exactly once for an article that was published in a construction magazine years before my first kid was born. I found the experience very stressful. I knew after that experience that I would not have made a good journalist. Not my cup of tea…

      Blogging doesn’t pay, at least not my kind of blogging, but I have found a creative outlet I have no interest in giving up. 🙂

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      1. I think the argument is if some writers say they’re doing it for reasons other than money, it diminishes the value of it. I understand that perspective but I also feel writing and seeking publishing can have other driving forces.

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      2. It was an organic match, I met this woman at a party in my neighborhood. When I told her I was a writer, it just came together. I’m not sure if she’ll be hiring me again, but it’s fine either way.

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