The intrigue of blogging – part 1

This post will be part of a series.

I stumbled on a new blog via Rachel (who is amazing and does surveys of older people blogging, click here to see some of her analysis). Rachel mentioned a blogger who wrote his 1000th post about what he learned while blogging himself.

I actually read all 77 items he listed if you can believe it. Not all in one sitting…I had coffee to make, and water to drink, and breakfast to pop into the microwave, and lunches to pack, and kids to get out of the house and and and…

But I did read them. I have things to say about quite a few of the points, yet don’t want to make this a rambling, long post, so I will comment on just a few of his remarks, and come back next week with another set.

Here’s what sticks out to me:

5. We don’t realize how unclear our thoughts are until we try to put thoughts into sentences and 7. The quality of my writing is directly related to the number of times I reread and edited an essay before I hit the publish button.

That’s me. I edit my posts, sometimes sit on them for days, because if I take space and time away from my writing and come back to read it over later, I often either delete or adjust or modify at least a portion of it. Especially if it’s a post that is emotionally charged, or I’m in  a ranting mood… 🙄

14. I’ve learn to write what I feel like writing and not to worry if it will be read.

I’ve always felt this way; back in the days when BlogHer was all over the internet, I was under the impression we should blog for an audience. Preferably a target audience whom you will find if you pick a niche.

I didn’t succeed with this in my first two blogs, and now? I don’t have a niche, I don’t seem to have a target audience either (although I have many recurrent followers and commenters), and I ended up enjoying blogging more, not less, by just doing what I want when I feel like it.

24. Blogging is a good way to meet people like yourself online.

I have met women and men who are parents like me. I have met non-parents who struggle with addiction and have a love for dogs. I have met empty nesters with cats, with or without free time. I have met bloggers who reside in North America, Europe, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, India and various other places. Many of these bloggers are my followers and often comment on my blog posts, so there is a kinship here among us that I value and treasure. I have met young people who travel the world. I have met more seniors who blog than I thought was possible and I keep coming across more which is amazing to me and makes me want to encourage others, like my own parents or their friends, to do the same.

I have met very cool bloggers by blogging, is what I’m saying.

28. Blogging is a way to learn things about yourself that you don’t see – because readers do.

Think about this. If you’re sitting with a friend or family and you’re chatting about some point of view, sometimes you don’t get your point across. Either because you can’t speak as well as you write, or because you’re interrupted, or because you do the interrupting, or because you’re with a chatty person who prefers to hear themselves talk and not listen…etc. Right?

Blogging allows you to think and walk away and come back and edit and hit publish when you want, when you feel comfortable with your end result. Then, if you’re fortunate enough to attract other bloggers who take time to comment, you got a dialogue going. For many bloggers, this is part of the enticement, the lure of writing on the internet.

In my personal experience, the conversation in my blog has been respectful and honest, even if the point of views are different. I have realized that my ability to connect with people via the blog, the written word, is more powerful than when I sit and talk to someone.

Maybe I’m socially inadequate in person, but I don’t feel inadequate in my blog.

32. If you get an idea for a blog post start writing it as soon as possible because the idea will disappear quickly.

I do this. I love my smartphone for this because if I see or think about something I want to blog about in the future, I open the WP app and put a few choice words into a draft folder to come back to another time when I either run out of ideas but really want to blog, or find more time to sit down to blog.

I do this more often than I care to admit…Judge me all you want but I spend a lot of time sitting at a rink…🙃

Can you add anything to these, or some of the other points mentioned in James’ blog? What do you think about Rachel and her blog?

Next week I will come back and touch on some of the other 77 points…but right now it’s dog walking time.

14 thoughts on “The intrigue of blogging – part 1

  1. I found myself relating easily to your insights- I also write and rewrite, and edit and rewrite before I publish. I like to let a piece marinate for sometimes days before I feel ready to publish. Usually it’s because I’m my own worst critic, but a lot of times it just takes TIME to rework a piece until I feel it’s ready. Not unlike refinishing a piece of furniture?

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    1. It’s true! I’m the same. I created tomorrow’s blog post today and edited it several times and will sleep on it and publish in the morning. It doesn’t always happen this way, but often it does. 😊

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  2. I can definitely relate to these points!! I start a fresh post in the morning and just write any random thing that pops into my head throughout the day into that post. Might not even be a complete sentence. Just enough to jog my memory. I am trying not to hit PUBLISH until night so that I force myself to really think about the editing process. Something that sounded interesting at 5am might sound boring by bedtime. And I often find myself grasping for a word or rewriting a sentence 5 times because my grammar sucks or I’ve written half of it in 1st person and half in some other person. I have a lot of trouble with that. So, if no one is interested in what I have to say, at least it’s good writing practice for myself. LOL

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  3. I came to WordPress a cpl of weeks ago. I’ve made a few blogs & deleted them. As much as I want to blog, write, connect to likeminded ppl…..I’m reluctant & not sure why. My first thought is always….. “Who will read it? How do I get followers?” But then later….. “Do I need ppl to read it? Why?” I’m quick to click publish. But then a few hrs later or a day…..delete. It was boring. But I have so much “boring” material to share! Lol. I need a new laptop (which is coming)……I’m not comfortable using my phone for this. Thoughts are jumbled in my head….they need to be organized. Can I blog about something other than being an introverted wife, mom, & housekeeper? Maybe. Maybe with the perfect setting……a laptop, alone time, coffee, curtains open, & a snack. 🤪

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    1. We all start this way. Why don’t you search some hashtags that interest you? Start with momlife, or something like that. Or introvert. Then read what people say using those hash tags. At some point while you read you’ll suddenly feel inspired and then you can write.

      Good luck! And thank you for commenting.

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    1. Come on along! I always find it interesting to get the different perspectives. People who are out of the parenting trenches have so much wisdom to share…and the ones who like to blog about it, they have quite the reach! 🙂


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