First day of school after the holiday break

This morning I had a crying kid and a grumpy kid who both didn’t want to go back to school.

Holiday laziness is over! Welcome back to routine…

I said:

Name me one kid who wants to go to school today.

No one answered. Ha. πŸ™„

To help them moving along and, let’s face it, GET THEM OUT, I packed up my daughter’s backpack. Both kids were told forced threatened encouraged over the break to clean out old stuff from their binders and replenish things. They did that but just dumped their stuff on the floor in the closet after, instead of packing it into their bags.

I took the binder and placed it in her knapsack. Only, it didn’t fit right. I kept trying different angles, but it was just too bulky.


So I took it back out and stuck my hand in there.

Big mistake.

The crud children keep in their school bags…I know I’m not the only one who has discovered this, it wasn’t that long ago when another blogger wrote about it. SIGH.

  • Broken smarties
  • lollies from Halloween
  • broken knickknacks that used to hang on a key chain
  • tiny stuffies with hooks
  • little notebooks
  • pencils and things like that without tips or ink
  • bag of socks
  • extra gloves (haven’t checked if they match each other yet)
  • empty mini snack boxes or wrappers
  • gum
  • key

I half expected a dead critter in there…

Not sure what the boy’s bag contains, I opted out of checking his this morning.

Eventually the husband got up, not able to listen to the girl child crying, and offered to drive them to school. Well whatever, if it gets them out quicker, then so be it.

And so it begins anew, the routine and activity schedule.


9 thoughts on “First day of school after the holiday break

  1. I laughed way more than I should have throughout this entire post. I think the most horrifying discoveries in school bags are the unemptied lunch boxes that have sat festering in the bottom of bags for days. They are usually only discovered when we run out of containers with lids…

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    1. I know. Ick. I told them a year ago I will no longer pack lunches unless they clean out their lunch bags and containers the day they come home from school…so far, seems to be working.


  2. BTW, I read your post about closed captioning on your other blog. I am not hearing impaired but use cc all the time (literally, my son and I never turn off the feature on our tv’s and always put it on for movies when it’s available). I am not sure why we started this but there are a few reasons I like it: one is I watch a British soap opera and find it very useful for the times when I don’t quite understand the accent or turn of phrases they use (not to mention sometimes the cc gives me a good laugh when they are plain wrong!). Another reason is I do not like television that is too loud and cc allows me to watch at a lower volume but I can still catch what is said. Also, sometimes the cc will show a character’s name that I might not otherwise have caught and also will give the captioning for some background conversation that I would have missed without it. I watch foreign shows/films as well and prefer to watch in the original language so I am used to using subtitles for these.
    Interesting topic! I know people who hate it and think it is so weird we use it but I actually don’t like watching without now.

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    1. That is so nice of you to say, to comment on! None of my family have hearing loss yet when they watch TV at home, even if I’m not with them, they keep the cc on. Same reasons as you! I think people who struggle and refuse to give cc a try don’t realize it doesn’t take very long to get used to. 😊

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  3. I hear you on the backpack. My son’s weighs a ton and I am sure has most of the things on your list plus a pile of change. No wonder it is so heavy.

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