Reading and Reflecting: 6th edition

I’ve taken a break over the holidays from posting my regular Saturday feature, but we’re back to routine now. No time like the present to return to reading and reflecting!

Whether you’re into making lists, scheduling online, or bullet journaling, this article has something for everyone in it:
The Art of Bullet Journaling and the Improved To-Do List

Aside note: I’ve done a bit of bullet journaling myself and if you’re on Instagram you can see a few of the screen shots. Note: I break all the rules and just do my own thing. But like blogging, I think with bullet journals, you can do that.

Remember the 80s? Yikes. So much of that era never, ever needs to come back again. 😂 But on the topic of mullets, there appears to be a division in opinion. Just head to Australia to find out… 😜
Australian town hosts inaugural mullet festival

Apparently only those who live in America’s Deep South know how to make proper biscuits. I am happy to believe and hope to make a trip down there at some point in the not too distant future. 🙂
Biscuits in the American South are serious business Y’all

And, since we’re on the topic of food, here’s a thing on Mac and Cheese.
Rooted in tradition, baked mac and cheese is a fixture in life’s big events

15 thoughts on “Reading and Reflecting: 6th edition

  1. As a southern girl, I will tell you how one makes and rolls and cuts biscuits is truly serious business. In my family, my recipe is from five generations back, on my mother’s side, and we use an old jelly jar for cutting.
    I will also tell you however lazy you are feeling at the moment, drop biscuits are a great big no-no. (Luckily the previous generations of ladies are pushing up daisies so I don’t get chastised for making drop biscuits when I’m feeling too lazy to roll them out.) 😉

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