All worked up over nothing

My kid tricked me today. 🙄

You know I have a teen boy, right? He texted me from the car today while I was visiting my parents with my girl child:

Going to mall daddy wants new macbook

They sure knows how to push my buttons. New electronic device? Over my dead body! We have enough devices in this house and if he wants to replace one he either sell or get rid of one but he will not bring in more devices…

I got all worked up. This is what I do, especially after a season of excess and commercialism…

Fast forward to us girls coming home. My partner is boiling water in the kitchen, chatting with us. I’m all tense. He looks at me funny. I said:

So where’s the new MacBook? Why do you keep shopping? Every day an Amazon truck shows up here and now you go to the mall to buy stuff? What is happening?

He looks at me.

Your kid is trying to get a rise out of you, he says. That’s why I told him to text you we’re just getting a thing fixed on my existing MacBook.

*:)) laughing

Listen people, I’m not gonna make it here. The boy is 13 and I’m not gonna make it all the way to 18 or whatever age kids fly the nest these days…


But at least it provides some blog fodder.



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