Holiday break family togetherness

We’re in the midst of a lot of family time, right?

Everyone is home. Constantly.

And, this is the case for another week before school and work begins anew…

Help me…


I’m joking. Sort of. It’s been grand, this lack of routine and non-running around. The teen’s hockey practices were canceled and the shinny at the local outdoor rink is a much more relaxed event. I don’t have to plan ahead or worry about meals and who is going where with which kid or travel great distances…

The girl too was at a sleepover and then she dragged someone home and the next day made plans with another pal and they come and go and craft and do stuff…

I have no idea what anyone is eating, but the cereal drawer in the kitchen island feels a lot lighter when I pull it open. And I feel a lot of crunch when I walk along that part of the floor near there. At least they’re feeding themselves…

It’s all good.

But…another week like this?


So today I decided to leave them here alone while I ran a few errands. The hamster is almost out of kibble and the guinea pigs are running low, I desperately need some boots that are practical rather than fashionable now that a bit of snow has made an appearance, and there’s always a need to pick up some food: bread, milk, green stuff not resembling lime-flavoured Skittles…

I left the house. Sat in the car, drove around, turned up the music nice and loud, reveled in a bit of alone time. The shops, ironically, weren’t particularly busy either for a weekend, which surprised me, so I even ventured into a craft store to pick up a few more bins for the girl’s ever-increasing need for more supplies.

storing child’s craft supplies in multiple bins

If fortnite doesn’t kill me soon, her crafting supplies will…

I was out for about three hours or so in total. When I got home, there was no one on the main floor. The tv was off, the kitchen and island area relatively tidy, and I sighed a breath of relief.

They’re all doing something somewhere else, I have a bit of time to myself to unpack, maybe look at my bullet journal, catch up on some computer stuff.


They all appeared out of the woodwork minutes after I arrived. First the girl who wanted to make pie crust and needed a recipe and my help. (Why does she need help now when normally she knows everything about everything?) Then the boy came upstairs and plunked down on the couch, turned on some hockey highlights.

“Did dad kick you off fortnite?” I wanted to know.

No, was the answer. He wanted a break from the screen, he said (while staring at his phone and the tv).

Then my partner came upstairs too and started making lunch. I had just unloaded some groceries and was going to putter with the leftovers but now he was here and needed a plate, and some of the food, and the microwave…

I looked at the clock. It was close to 2 pm.

“You’re eating lunch now?”

He was busy with his office downstairs.


I feel a touch irritated by all of them hanging around me constantly. I know I shouldn’t, but unlike them, I don’t have a space to go to be by myself. Maybe I should pack up my laptop and barricade myself in the bedroom…but my back’s too sore so that wouldn’t be conducive to my posture.

I ended up helping my girl with her pie pastry, then gave her a lecture when she swept all the flour crumbs on the floor instead of the palm of her hand to throw into the garbage while simultaneously stepping in it. I handed her a broom and started talking about taking down the tree.

“No one is watering it, and it’s almost New Year, let’s get started,” I said.

They practically took my head off. All three of them.

I’m plotting ways of getting them out of the house tomorrow. The hunting club, where he does some target shooting, is about an hour away, and the kids like the space up there to practice their bow and arrow shots…or do other, wintery outdoor stuff.

Hm…maybe I’ll plant that idea in their brains tonight. When they get back, the house will be Christmas free and I will hopefully be in a more relaxed mood.

Or something.

Another week of togetherness, and we’re back into the routine.


15 thoughts on “Holiday break family togetherness

  1. Whoops clicked send.. lol I’m ready to take the tree down and the lights my kids actually are on board with this my husband is dragging it out .. reality tomorrow for him it’s coming down if it takes my son carrying it out….πŸ™„

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