We blog to share, but how much do we edit?

You know us bloggers are a special breed, right? Here we are, sharing our lives with each other, forming communities, liking and commenting on diverse topics and thereby broadening our perspectives regularly.

We are writers, all of us. But whether we admit it or not, we are also editors.

There are a couple of bloggers I *know* who openly admit they don’t edit their writing in their blog posts. Sometimes, this is evident in the odd spelling or typo mistakes. In general, I find the relaxed method of blogging rather enjoyable to read, probably because of this. When someone is pouring their heart out about something, or ranting, the small typos add a bit of that grit, or set a certain emotional tone.

No? Maybe it’s just me then… 😉

Blogging is a pretty laid back medium to share things about our lives, or our thoughts. When we’re sharing deeply personal or thought-provoking topics, grammar, spelling and typos still matter, but not so much so that we might feel worried to hit that publish key.

I do have to admit that if the mistakes are too numerous, or someone types in texting lingo without capitalization, horrible and repetitive mistakes, or headache-inductive grammatical issues, I tend to lose focus quickly. There’s no value in reading something when it’s hard to decipher what is being said.

Don’t butcher the language to that degree if you want me to read, like, comment or follow you, is what I’m saying.

Lucky for me, my community does not butcher the language. ❤

Still, I invite you to ponder this topic of editing a little bit further.

We edit, constantly.

Not just words, but snippets of our lives.

Think about it. We choose what to share. We choose how much to share. We choose how to share it by choosing our words carefully, by cropping pictures, by adjusting and manipulating the final product, image, or passage.

We essentially control what we want others to see. We control how someone see us.

This of course doesn’t always work out exactly as we hope for. The internet is a vast pit of too much information and anyone can spend hours digging up stuff we may not even know is out there.

We can’t control what others share about us, not really. Some people handle this by staying off the web completely in terms of social media apps, but even then…it’s not 100% foolproof.

People have their own opinions and interpretations. You can post all the smiley family photos you want in your blog posts, on your facebook wall or in your Instagram feed, in the hopes that us readers, followers, friends will interpret things about you a certain way. The reality however often divulges a different perspective…


The reality sometimes stays hidden.

Behind the smiles might be an aggravated person who is irritated by mess and clutter, or a ticked-off kid who would prefer to be plugged into a screen, or a wayward pet who doesn’t want to sit when there’s no hope for a treat to materialize… 😂

We publish what we want to share by editing.

We publish only the part we want you to see.

I have a neighbourhood friend who touched on this in an Instragram post on the topic of perfection. I asked her if I can quote her in my blog, and she said yes. This is what she said:

Dear friends… I’ve had a few conversations recently where it’s been insinuated that I have a perfect life, perfect marriage and perfect kids.
YES I DO!!! But – that ‘perfection’ comes with a WHOLE lot of imperfections. I lose my temper with my kids more times than I have the courage to admit. I argue with my husband (especially if I don’t get my way😘), the house is more messy than tidy. I find random pieces of fruit in strange places from my nearly 3 year old who is not yet potty trained because I just don’t have the required patience as yet to tackle that. My kids prefer junk food and unhealthy choices if given the choice, they LOVE their screen way more than I think is recommended by all parenting gurus out there.
Basically – the happy and perfect posts on social media are just a snippet of any day – but the REAL STUFF happens when there’s no camera, filter or amazing captioning… and I wouldn’t change that for anyone or anything. By God’s grace we see another day, love, hug, laugh and cry.
#reallifehappenshere #perfectioniswhatyoumakeit #pleasedontcompare
#socialmediaisnotastandard #onlybyGodsgrace
It can be a daily mental challenge sometimes to find the good but when I get there I keep asking myself who set this standard we’re trying to live up to and who is actually watching except the ones we love?


I know exactly what she means. And I agree, although if you read here on a semi-regular basis you know that I do gripe about chores and mess and kids and anxiety and depression and all that stuff too. Trust me, we do not have an idyllic life… (who does?)

Also, my hair only behaves the way I want it to when I have no place to go. 😛

Don’t ask for a selfie. 😂

Ultimately though, what we do have is a fairly normal, regular, ordinary life. Sort of. At least as far as contemporary western family life is concerned. But I wonder, do you think that when you read here?

Do you know, instinctively, that what I share is just a snipped of life as we live it here in southern Canada?

What do you think about all this editing? Do you edit information verbally, or in written form, pending certain situations? Or do you feel comfortable laying it all out in the open in its true, unadulterated state?

Note: I started this post two days ago. Today, the house was quiet with half the family not here, and I edited this piece when I finally finished it by walking away from it, and returning to re-read a final time. Just in case I had second thoughts, or found a mistake that needed fixing. 🙂

18 thoughts on “We blog to share, but how much do we edit?

  1. The editing starts as soon as my fingers hit the keyboard. I am editing by choosing what I write. And once I’ve written a post, I let it sit and return for a reread. That’s not only to catch errors, but also to manage content. I may change my mind about what I’ve written and decide it’s best left unpublished.

    There are some things not meant to be shared on a blog, but with only your most trusted friends and family.

    Finally, my education and job experience are in journalism, thus editing has always been a consistent part of my writing.

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    1. Editing is a two-part process, right? Spelling and grammar, and content. I have written many properly spelled and grammatically correct posts and never published them because the content wasn’t meant to be published.


  2. First off great post! I read it yesterday but I was on the subway….too hard to comment. But anyway. It’s so funny you wrote this cause you know I don’t edit my blogs. I write and publish. But also, there are actually a few things lately which I have not wanted to discuss on the blog, and really for no other reason than I’m trying to wrap my head around them….it’s tough to self edit what we show the world

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  3. Excellent post! Yes, we edit. We edit. We edit. We’re taught at a young age to edit, it’s a curse we all have to bear until we don’t want to bear it anymore. I frankly enjoy your rants and your honesty about real life. When a blog is perfectly edited (like mine…BAHAHAHAHA!) I leave and don’t go back to read again. But, like you, if all the blog is about is complaining and how bad life sucks, I don’t go back to read that either. A happy mix of perfect days and imperfect days is a pleasurable blog to read. But that’s JMO. PS – the free Grammarly app is a godsend and adds a nice touch that can be ignored if desired.

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  4. I very rarely edit – and sometimes I look back at old posts, and think “oh crap – that sentence doesn’t even make sense!”. In terms of truth, transparency, honesty, and all that – I edit everything massively – or rather, I only share a narrow slice, and a certain perspective. It struck me while reading this how similar we are in our views about all this stuff.

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  5. Yes! I agree we edit a lot. Out of our words, our thoughts. Our life! Everyone sees what we want them to see. I find myself mentally editing the posts I read. I will be honest though if there are a lot of errors I tend to take more time mentally fixing and trying to find more errors than I do actually reading their words. It can be very distracting. Lol.

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