Reading and Reflecting: 5th edition

Every week I collect articles, and sometimes videos, of things that have made an impact on me. I share them here for you to read along and reflect with me.

This New York Times article resonates with me – this situation has actually happened to someone I know. The scammers don’t care whom they rob, and seniors are particularly vulnerable.
When answering the phone exposes you to fraud

I know a few families who go easy on the physical gifts and instead plan trips or events.
Why some families are boycotting presents at Christmas

On April 6, 2018 a horrible bus tragedy happened in Canada that affected every hockey player, the hockey communities and other sports organizations around the globe. A boy, 19 year old Ryan, survived with 12 others, but 16 people on his bus died that day, all of them belonging to the Humboldt Broncos hockey team. They were on their way to a playoff game when the bus crash happened. Recently, Ryan who is paralyzed from the chest down (but alive) relived another harrowing experience when his bus taking him to physiotherapy was rear-ended.
Another nightmare for Ryan Straschnitzki

Nova (PBS) has a thing on owls, and since I love all things owls, this was enjoyable to me!
See what makes owls so quiet and so deadly

In my opinion, if the apocalypse happens, I would bet on Keith Richards to be the last man on earth. He’ll even outlive Daryl… (you gotta be a Walking Dead fan to understand this…)
Keith Richards (almost) gives up booze

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