A series of unfortunate weekday events

My three glass birds on my window were down to two yesterday morning. My cardinal fell down and broke.

Before he fell and broke

Perhaps this should have warned me about my upcoming day.

Next, I noticed the boy child didn’t get up for school, so I assumed he was sick or fighting something which always worried me slightly more than it irks me.

He ended up going to school after lunch which is both good and bad news, mostly for (my own) selfish reasons. If he had stayed home from school he would have stayed home from practice that night. I wanted this to happen because I’m a terrible mother…πŸ™„

I’m not really… It’s just that the practice rink is minimum 40 minutes away, the practice is 90 minutes long, and doesn’t end till 10 pm.

On a school night.

On a day he felt unwell.

40 minutes away from home at 10 pm is…blah.

(Even though it’s probably more like 30 minutes that late at night, but still…)

Anyway. I’m glad he’s healthy. Given the crappy way they played during the last game, it’s a good thing he’s going to the practice.

Guess where I’m typing this blog post?

Go ahead, take a guess!

Ok, I’ll give you some evidence.

We’re not even in the south rink where there are benches to sit on.

Uncomfortable benches but still benches.

North rink, where they’re training currently, has standing room only. At least I’m behind glass and not in the cold standing area…

After having had a lovely morning filled with mostly happy occasions, I’m not thrilled with how may day is ending here in this grungy arena.

But a number of unfortunate events occurred before we even left for practice which added unwanted chaos at a time of day I’d rather slow down, not get all agitated and worked-up.

For one thing, my continuous procrastination to keep the kitchen tidy throughout the day led things to deteriorate quicker than it should have. That’s what happens when you have coffee with Europeans on Facebook in the morning…you know who you are, Britain and Germany! πŸ˜‰

So we’re about two hours prior to having to leave for the rink, right? The kitchen was a disaster as I tried to finish baking the cookies while cooking dinner when I realized the pipe under the sink leaked.

The entire drawer with the garbage and recycling receptacles was soaking wet.


I had to interrupt the husband who was putting the cross bars on the roof of the car, with plans to finally get the Xmas tree, to come and have a look.

“Can you check the freaking pipe or finish dinner and the cookies while I check!” I yelled out the door.


He aptly chose to look at the pipe. It was blocked. He drained it into a bucket, and declared it fixed.

“Should be all better now”, he said.

We tested it. No leaks.

Then he went to put something away in a drawer under the kitchen island which refused to open.


Something was blocking it from the inside.


This is the same drawer where we also keep the car keys.

All the car keys.


Long story short, I finished the stupid cookies and the spaghetti, tripping over three empty drawers removed from the island as well as the scattered contents all over the floor while barking at the kids to get off the couch and do something to help.


All this was particularly annoying for my partner because he was supposed to be on some medical prep thing which was now delayed due to the various kitchen mishaps.

He did get the drawer unhooked eventually, and all the other ones back into their positions but not before consulting YouTube to find out why the eff his way wasn’t working.


(Turns out it was easy once he figured out it was supposed to be the complete opposite way of how the bathroom drawer works…)

Note: kitchen and bathroom are the same brand.


This is when the girl remembered she had math homework, which usually ends with tears (don’t ask me why, she gets As in math) so when she started bugging her dad, who was on his back under the kitchen island fixing the drawer, I told her brother to help her.

He did, and successfully, which is practically a miracle in itself. ❀

Anyway, the reason I’m able to entertain you with all my woes is because I’m standing here overlooking the ice surface where my boy is practicing for another 55 minutes.

At least the girl child is having a better evening. She is decorating Christmas cookies.

Edited to add (as I reviewed this post before publishing the next morning): There is no visible leak underneath the kitchen sink but I overfilled the kettle which leaked all over the counter, stove and floor (and me). Awesome way to start the day.



14 thoughts on “A series of unfortunate weekday events

  1. Oh man sounds so much like a typical day here! Our kitchen sink has been leaking forever so much so we have a bucket system underneath! The plumber wanted an outrageous amount just to snake it and when Bruce did it it’s all cleared but still backing up oyyyyy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s annoying and expensive and a pain in the butt. Sigh. Do you know a family member or a kind neighbor who has some handy skills? Bake them a cake or cook them some chicken as a favor…

      Good luck!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. pfff. lol

      On my way to drop kids plus an extra kid, 2 min from the boy’s school, he announced that I should drop his lunch bag off for him after. ? I said, I asked you if you had it and you said yes. He said he didn’t say yes, he said no. So I guess I gotta brush up on my teenage grunting responses…


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