Trekking toward Christmas – part II

If you think these cookies were baked for Christmas, either to be consumed during the festivities or given as gifts, you would be sorely mistaken.

My mom baked these cookies and brought them on Tuesday. She picked one of each for each of us…the above ones are mine, and they are now gone.

I ate them for breakfast.

So what. Boo.

Bah Humbug.

Anyway, I did bake some similar cookies with the girl child last week, and made more dough still to be baked into cookies with her on Sunday. The finished product looks something like this.

The sprinkles and  coloured sugar is a kid thing. Since the birth of my second child 11 years ago this house has never been sprinkles-less. I somehow managed to live my entire life up to that point baking without sprinkles but now?


Anyway, I got a dog barking at me here (Molly) and it’s almost snowing or raining or something and the kitchen is a mess and the meat I bought earlier needs to be refrigerated and I gotta go.


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