Reading and Reflecting: 4th edition

This week’s reading and reflecting list includes some videos, but first a few interesting articles that captured my interest:

Alaska had an earthquake and here’s the story about the sink hole in the road.
Alaska earthquake sink hole

In a world of internet and GPS, people sometimes forget that traditional maps led the way for generations. If we had more wall space, we’d probably have several interesting maps framed and displayed. This article tells stories we should preserve for future generations.
Maps offer more than just direction

Here’s a thing about cravings. Because I’m always craving things… 😉
What are you craving?

Every time I got stressed this week I looked at two videos: this one is strangely calming…and I’ve never seen mushrooms with these weird web-like skirts before.

The other video was this one (omg I watched this about 10x…):

4 thoughts on “Reading and Reflecting: 4th edition

  1. I saw that cat video this week too 🙂 We used to have a cat that would reliably go sit on a piece of paper if you left it on the floor – or sit inside cardboard boxes if you left them around. We never could figure out why.

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    1. My two cats had that weird paper sitting thing too…lol. That cat video is all over facebook and normally I get terribly bored about stuff like this but omg…it’s so funny. The expressions, the stupid box…lol


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