Trekking toward Christmas – part I

Me and shopping do not get along. 🙄

Not usually, that is. There are odd times every blue moon or so when I actually feel like browsing though stores and looking at things, touching and trying on things, fantasizing about things and even very occasionally buying things.

But this does not happen often.

Now we’re in the first week of December and Christmas is looming. ⏳

Christmas. This is another thing that I am ambivalent about.

I have these visions of nicely decorated rooms, scented candles, cookies and other special treats lying about, relaxing music to listen to…

It doesn’t often work out this way. And I realize this is entirely my own fault.

I have a case of the If-Onlys.

  • If only I wasn’t so tired on Sunday to climb the ladder to the attic to get the Christmas gear out…
  • If only I didn’t forget to pick up icing sugar I could have finished the Christmas cookies…
  • If only we didn’t have some argument with some family member that ruined the day and mood…
  • If only the sports stuff would ease up a little so we’re not constantly driving to and from rinks…


So I did what I had to do on Monday. I shopped. Not online – in actual stores.


But I got a lot done.

The deciding factor to spend all day, almost six hours in total, shopping was the fact that my dog was canceled that day. I didn’t have to be home at lunch to walk him so I just went and did everything on my list.

It was a bit of a slog though. I took a break midway through and sat at a coffee shop for a bit, but my list was bothering me so I kept going.

Just one more store to get x and the other store is right next door for y…and since I’m here I may as well go into this store, and that one…

By the time I was almost ready to return home I got a text from the husband.

“All ok? Just checking in…”

He’s not used to me not being home for an entire day. 😉

Me either… 🙃

I managed to get home with 30 minutes to spare before I had to get back into the car to pick up my two kids at two different schools for their optometrist appointment. In that half hour I threw some leftovers into the microwave for my very late lunch while emailing everyone and their grandmother about allowing my son to sign himself out of school ten minutes early. He kept texting me that he was worried and that we should follow all their rules.

“I have a supply teacher today, it’ll be chaos if you don’t email the office,” he worried.

It was fine. I get it, the many procedures the schools have these days. But we were asking for a dismissal a few minutes before the bell, not hours before the end of the day. Then I was late picking him up because his sister’s dismissal was later than usual, and he had to stand there in the cold and wait for me. Texting me every 30 seconds to ask what’s taking so long.

“Text your brother we’re on our way,” I told my daughter in the back seat when she finally arrived. “He’s all worried. And tell him I’m not texting back because I’M DRIVING THE CAR.”


They were happy though, because I remembered to bring along two slices of pizza from the day before to have as a snack. You know how kids are always starving after school…

And so, the trek toward Christmas has begun. My aim is to get all European cards sent out this week, and all gifts for the west coast off to my mom’s by end of week or the weekend at the latest. We’ll combine all of our presents and send one big one instead of several small ones.

Next on my list is to finish start continue the baking, and get the Christmas bins down from the attic. We also should consider getting a tree…a narrow, small fake tree is my desire, but they want a huge, fat, real tree.

Maybe this year we’ll just hang all my daughter’s slime on it and call it a day. 😁😁😁

How are you doing with your Christmas prep?

12 thoughts on “Trekking toward Christmas – part I

  1. Mine is going slowly …ordered something’s on line.. but with adult kids it’s money gifts as well some money towards tires for daughters car money for son towards whatever .. gift cards so on .. at least trees up and decorated . 🙄

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  2. We got all the decor up the weekend after Thanksgiving, right before I got super sick. My big liquidation is behind me as of last night and I’ve been doing a little online shopping with some packages arriving today.

    The kiddo and I both have doctors appointments next week near the mall, so we will HOPEFULLY get the bulk of our list checked off then. Still haven’t started my baking…..but I have a birthday to make up for first…

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  3. I started cards last night. All the Hanukkah stuff is out and half the Christmas stuff. We’re getting the tree on Sunday. Most of presents have been ordered, need to work on stocking stuffers. But admit that my daughter is getting two rather large experience presents, so I’m mainly picking up necessities that I’m calling presents (for Hanukkah last night my daughter got printer ink)

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  4. Oh, I totally share your “if only”! That is me to a T. “I’d be up in the attic if only I didn’t have this sore foot….” “I would have wrapped the gifts, if only I had made it into the attic.” This was perfectly timed to make me feel less alone, LOL!!! Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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  5. I like shopping and I still couldn’t do a whole day of it and not collapse with wine in hand! That said, I do 99.9% of my shopping for Christmas online and by November 1. Because, yes I’m that person.
    As for the tree, because the puppy is not so small and still prone to taste everything he can, we didn’t get a big, robust, wonderful smelling real tree. We got a narrow, peeling tree that fits perfectly in the corner and isn’t dropping “delicious” needles, sitting in chemically treated water. It’s a win/win.

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