Reading and Reflecting: 3rd edition

I came across this book mention on social media and thought, Justine Bateman, as Mallory in Family Ties, yes, I’d be interested in reading her autobiography. I liked her brother too, whom I first encountered in the Hogan Family (or maybe in Little House on the Prairie…don’t remember when I first saw him). Hollywood is hard on women, and I’m going to make an effort to get my hands on this book.
Fame, by Justine Bateman

Ever since I’ve seen an octopus escape an aquarium to wander off and eat something in another aquarium on some science documentary years ago, I was interested in this strange animal.
The octopus is smart as heck

This is just sad but an important statistical analysis.
More than a third of female suicides are committed by women in India

Sometimes churches get converted into condos. But strip clubs? I didn’t know that…
The Catholic church is worried about what is happening to their old churches

To keep the apples in your grocery store fresh, science puts them to sleep.
Thanks to science you can eat an apple a day


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