Embracing it

The other day my friend connected me with her friend who was seeking help with their anxious dog.

We connected via email and I sent her some availability to do a meet and greet this week.

A day went by and then I got an email back from her that she was confused; she thought I was a retired lady, not a SAHM with kids.


Certainly this week feels anything but retirement! I don’t even bother updating the calendar anymore…every time I click PRINT someone sends in a change:

  • Can you drop by to pick x up on Tues or Wed?
  • Kids can have eye appointments on Mon at x time, will this suit you?
  • Your child’s ringette game has changed from 230 to 5 on Fri, sorry for the late notice.
  • We no longer need you to sit our child on x day, she has a basketball tournament that day.
  • Can you walk our dog twice on Thurs we have an event after work.

Lordy. And that’s just a portion of my evolving list.

What’s worse, it’s pissing rain today and dog walking certainly is not a thrill for anyone. I texted my client and she agreed that I could bring the pooch here after our shorter than usual walk to get out of the wet misery.

Needless to say he’s having a blast. There are many unfamiliar things to sniff, to lick up, to bark at…I think he managed to find some guinea pig hay mixed with guinea pig kibble. We heard something in the back hallway and I noticed I left a container of Timothy hay mixed with kibble on the floor where the pigs sometimes hang out when they get a break from their cage…

Little Mr. Pooch had his nose right down in the bowl. πŸ˜›

There are many things to write about and not enough brain power to pound out the words. Also, I was out all morning and now have a dog at my feet, and a husband on the couch, so there’s distractions distracting me. Perhaps tomorrow, when they’re all out of the house, I can get back to writing something less drivel-ish.

In the meantime, I wish all this rain would turn to snow, at least it would look nice.

Happy Monday! I do hope you are more productive than I am. In 13 minutes, I have to take the pooch back home, return, figure out how to cook dinner with a can of salmon, some pasta noodles and half a stalk of broccoli, and then the kids will be here and homework, practice and all the rest of it will prevail for the foreseeable evening until bedtime.

The end.


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