When responding to customers, please don’t use texting lingo

I have to say that some organizations really should get their administrative personnel trained on how to respond to a professional inquiry.

Here is a response I received from an optical place I was looking to visit for the first time to have my eyes checked:

Morning. Thank you for ur inquiry. The doc will be available on dec 03 Monday after 1 pm. Plz let us know which is best time for u.. regards the ohip corverage for eye exam, ohip don’t cover for eye test unless is over age of 65 or under 19. But I believe ur corverage thru sunlife will cover that fee. Optometrisr charge $75..

He signed it off with his name and title (licensed optician).


Even though he responded to my questions in full (availability, insurance etc) the spelling is atrocious. He can’t even spell Optometrist?

I felt like I was reading a text from a teenager.


Since I am me I’m going to re-write this response in the way that would have earned them my business:

Good Morning Claudette,

Thank you for your inquiry. The doctor is available on Monday, Dec 03 after 1 pm. Please let us know which is best time for you. Would you like us to book you in at 1:30 pm?Β 

With regards the OHIP coverage for eye exams, OHIP does not cover eye test for people aged over 65 or under 19. But I believe your coverage coverage through Sunlife will cover that fee. Optometrists charge $75 for eye exams.

Please let us know if you’d like us to go ahead and book you.

Thank you.

I have half a mind to respond to him and say ‘gee, thanks for the response, buddy, but you can’t spell properly nor do you know how to address a future customer, so I can’t imagine your medical testing on my eyes is going to be particularly professional‘.


I won’t do that, but I may craft a professional response as to why I decided not to visit them…if I do, I’ll be sure to share right here on my blog. πŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “When responding to customers, please don’t use texting lingo

    1. I sent a diplomatic email thanking him for the speedy response but the grammar and spelling issues were a concern so I looked elsewhere. He responded with an all CAPs yelling at me he’s sorry for the grammar and spelled grammar wrong.

      Not gonna trust them with my or my family’s vision. πŸ™„

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      1. What! okay well that was wrong of them . You where only trying to help . Yes defiantly would not trust them with you and your families eyes. If they keep sending out emails like that they will not be in business long.

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  1. This is interesting. I’m not sure how I feel about it because on the one hand, I know that texting a response in texting lingo doesn’t mean that the person is not a qualified optometrist. On the other hand, I can see how this would be unexpected (to say the least) lol

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      1. If it’s a chain, you contact corporate HQ. If it’s a private practice, you just have to email them and let them know that they lost your business when they let a tween respond to your inquiry.

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  2. First impressions are important and if a business doesn’t, or can’t, make a good first impression then they will (and do) lose a lot of business that way. It seems so simple, yet many don’t understand this. If your first contact is via this sort of contact, professionalism is a must. I think the business would be well served to know why you didn’t choose them and probably should include your response for how it should be worded. Or perhaps this place needs a good communicator such as yourself to bring in the business! πŸ˜‰

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    1. I agree. I think it being a small, independent business, it’s crucial they realize some of their downfalls. I may respond, will let this rattle around in my head a bit. Thank you for your feedback. 😊

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