Sunday parenting: rinks, laundry, food and homework

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* * *

Sunday was basically a write-off.

While I stayed home to allow my girl to complete some homework, the boys left to play in the semi-final of their hockey tournament. Rather early, after a long day that delayed them right past 10pm the night before…(but they tied both games on Saturday, after winning two on Friday).

Us girls had plans. We were going to get stuff done with time to spare to maybe even bake some cookies before she, too, had to get ready for a game.

However. Our proactive plan was futile because the internet conked out.



You may not know this but kids today access homework online. They use Google Classroom, teachers post material on blogs, there’s online dictionaries kids rely on…the internet has become a staple in today’s education, even in elementary school.

She did what she could but had to stop.

Me too. I was right in the middle of setting up a recurring payment with my bank when the signal went out.


So much for working on my memoir today.

So much for getting homework done.

So much for tracking down my friends today on facebook.

So much for online banking.

We ended up doing something else instead. I cooked a squash-tomato soup, and my daughter whipped together a cookie dough which is chilling in the fridge. ๐Ÿ˜Š Of course, my massive mountain of laundry needed to continue tackling, as well as the usual kitchen clutter.

It truly never ends, does it.

Then the boys came home for lunch and the adult one is fixing the internet. Or troubleshooting its issues.

I typed all this on mobile and hope it’ll save to my off-line draft folder. If not, I’ll have to raise a little hell with the internet gods. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

And if you’re reading this, he was successful.

7 thoughts on “Sunday parenting: rinks, laundry, food and homework

  1. I almost had our eldest in tears of laughter about the panic that sets in when your mobile phone goes flat when you’re out for the day – pretending to shout “just kill me now!”, and ranting about not being able to share what I was doing – I might have to write a post about it ๐Ÿ™‚

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