Why leave the city to see wildlife…

My hunters are back. Without a moose, be that as it may, but they left early due to hockey and school. The rest of the group will stay another couple of days, so there’s still hope to end up with some meat this season.

I asked my son if he saw any wildlife up in the bush:

Did you see a deer?


A turkey?


A partridge?


What did you see?

A chipmunk.

*:)) laughing

Well, I think I can top that story. Last night, I was asked by my clients to walk their dog a second time in one day; they had a work function into the evening. So I said yes and my daughter and I went together around supper time to take him out.

On the way along the lake shore, we saw a rat across the street. A rat in the middle of a driveway of a beautiful mansion-type home. It was completely unperturbed that there were people, and a dog, walking by.


Then, on the way toward the dog’s home, along a lovely street with beautifully renovated homes, we saw a second rat. This one was chasing a cat.

Let me repeat this for you.



What’s worse, the cat had a collar on with a bell.

What’s even worse than that?

The rat didn’t give a rat’s ass.

And this is why my story is better than the hunter-boy’s, and I win.


8 Replies to “Why leave the city to see wildlife…”

    1. Right? Ick.

      Someone said construction stirs them up. Well they’re fixing the shoreline which was destroyed last spring by a storm, so major construction going on in their habitat….the rats are now homeless. Gross.

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  1. That is a good hunting story! Reminds me of my dad from the city of New York: we moved to the Catskills and he would spent hunting season for deer enjoying the woods. I think he was very gentle at heart but mostly he scared everyone when he wanted to.

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