Girl week, family connections and solo parenting

Last summer I got to spend a few quality days by myself when the kids went camping with their dad.

This was crucial to my mental health. It was like a recharge of my batteries.

Last summer I also got to spend an entire weekend alone with my boy, at a baseball tournament. We slept over in a college residence, ate some meals together, traveled in the car together. There wasn’t much time for bonding beyond those times since they played three games in one day, and one the night before and two the day after, but we were on our own, which is what I’m getting at.

This was good for me and hopefully just as good for my teen boy. Especially because these times are few and far between lately…

Well this week it’s girl’s week. 😍 The boys took off into the deep Canadian bush to hunt moose, so it’s just the girl child and me. For four full days.

Girls week started off at the rink on Sunday. Ahem. 😉 (We’re always at rinks on weekends.) She had a game of Ringette and got to showcase her skill to my close friend from Germany, and her adult daughter. And showcase she did! She skated and scored goals like her life depended on it.

My partner and son arrived to watch her just as the game began. They drove over in a fully packed van, ready to depart for their hunting trip directly from the arena. Which they did after the girl child scored a hat trick. 🙃

I got a text from my son about an hour later.

“Did she score any more goals?” he wanted to know.

I didn’t know. I lost track. They ended up moving the girls around a little, change their positions, to allow others to do some skating in forward when they were traditionally in defense. This allowed the weaker team to get a little oomf into their game and made the game a touch more interesting.

Nobody likes to see one team get blown out.

By the time my daughter and I got home and surveyed the empty house, we were alone. The boys will be gone most of the week. I will do a purge while they’re gone, take advantage of their absence. Trust me, this is key to my mental sanity.

Also, I can’t help myself… 🙃

So the week begins with just the two of us. She sleeps in my bed when her dad is away, and I’m ok with that. She’s no longer an incessantly nursing infant, nor a sideways sleeping, kicking toddler. Those days are behind me! And she was looking forward to experiencing the electric blanket magic.

“Will you warm up my side too?” she asked?

Yes, I will. And I did. 🙂

I did miss the Walking Dead on Sunday night though, she was on my bed digging through my jewellery box, and reading her French chapter book. I can’t really watch a zombie show with her beside me…

I’ll catch up with Rick and his gang another time.

And so, the solo parenting began.

Solo parenting isn’t new to me. Back when my partner was still active as an airline pilot, I was often alone with an infant/toddler and dog. Later, when he switched to teaching, he was around, but not always, due to business trips or other things, like hobbies (hunting, for example).

I managed fine. I still manage fine.

But it’s not smooth sailing. I have less patience for drama than her dad has, for instance, and when she reacts to something negative in her life and goes into full meltdown mode, it’s hard to be the only one dealing with it.

I mean, I do what I need to do, and last night’s situation which carried into today did get resolved successfully with the proactive and dedicated help of a teacher. I took her in to her classroom early, we had a nice meeting, and I even blew her a kiss after I left her with her teacher.

I could tell she liked that. ❤

Tonight her grandmother will pick her up and take her to her beloved gymnastics class while I get my massage. (My neck/shoulders are so much better!)

I miss the boys though. I miss the little things, like the slam of the door when my son comes home and immediately opens every cupboard, drawer and fridge door in search of food. I miss his quirky humour when he tells me school was ‘bad’ but then proceeds to tell me something he found hilarious.

And I miss the family dinners. All four of us sitting around the table connecting.

11 thoughts on “Girl week, family connections and solo parenting

    1. You are so sweet to say this. We have a lot of stress and there is, um, yelling…but I can’t always dwell/write about that, you know? I do certainly feel this way. Writing about it helps me to take a step back and take a breath occasionally. 🙂


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