What they don’t tell you when you’re pregnant

Twitter is full of funny tweets about this topic…and it’s so true, isn’t it. You concern yourself with things when you’re pregnant, or a first time parent, that seems so foreign to you later when you’re eyeball deep in youth sports and high school applications and tween drama and all the rest of it.

I sometimes wish I could back track a bit. Throw them in the bike-trailer/stroller with a baggie of grapes or goldfish crackers, grab the dog, and just walk to a park or a pebble beach and let them burn it off there.

Not so anymore…it’s all good, still, just different, and a heck of a lot busier, but still good.

The other thing you forget is that as the kids grow older, so do you.  13 years is a long time to parent children and there’s still really no end in the foreseeable future…The kids don’t appear to get tired, but you do. A lot more tired. I’m tired in a different way than I was when I had a non-sleeping toddler and a super-active preschooler. And not just physically. I’m tired in an emotional, mental way that I haven’t experienced since working for a crappy company during my pre-baby years. Except, this time, it’s more personal.

It’s still good, though, just…different.

The weekends today are busy with games at various rinks. (In the summer it’s baseball diamonds). Hockey takes up a lot of time but is mostly spearheaded by the males since they’re both involved in that sport. That leaves us girls to trek around the geographical area for her sport: ringette. Half the games are away games which means we visit other teams in other towns…and I say towns but I mean cities. Most places are an hour’s drive or more away (theoretically). But we all know that an hour is never an hour in a city plagued by construction, too many cars on the road due to inadequate transit, and weather issues…

Take yesterday. As I’m driving west I see the east bound lanes near the airport completely backed up all the way to the next town. I’m not driving particularly fast, our lanes were busy too but at least we were moving. The other side was literally stop and go…I looked for flashing lights indicating an accident, but it was just construction. The four east bound lanes were reduced to one lane and I made a mental note to drive home another way. I wanted to get to hockey from her ringette game right after she finishes. I needed a road without construction to get to my son’s rink. This highway clearly wasn’t going to get me there in time.

Well after her game we left in a timely fashion and just as we hit the highway it started raining. Hard. Of course everyone slowed down but at least we were moving. Once we got to a major exit that allowed us to access another highway away from this one with the construction zone coming up, I realized we were behind. The boys just started their second period according to my teamsnap app (which my daughter was keeping an eye on for me).

We saw a Wendy’s at that exit and she immediately begged to stop. We hadn’t eaten since breakfast, she just finished a hard game of ringette, and frankly, I was kind of hungry too. It was coming up on dinner time.

I caved.

Then I had the first Wendy’s burger in my life…(I hate fast food, rarely eat it, and if I do, it’s usually the salty fries, not the meat).

It was…well it was ok, I guess, for fast food. Definitely better than McDonald’s meat which I can’t stomach at all. Last time I ate at McD’s was last time I went camping with the family, but if you read here enough you know I haven’t done that in years. 🙂

Half hour after eating though I was reminded why I don’t usually eat fast food. Ick.

As we continued driving our alternate way I suddenly had to break, which sent my daughter’s ginger ale flying forward and she spilled it in the new car. All over the floor. BLAH.

By then it just so happened that we were maybe ten minutes away from my parents’ place so we popped in on them.

“Surprise! We need a lot of paper towels!” my daughter announced to her grandmother when she opened the door.

Long story a touch shorter, we missed the hockey game completely. They won which was nice to see on the app. My daughter’s team won as well, so everyone had a happy ending regardless of the parental driving adventures.

And, mom gave me a bottle of red wine when I said I didn’t have one at home. I was looking forward to sitting on the couch and watching some NHL hockey with a glass…

That was Saturday. Today is Sunday and of course there’s no relaxing today either. My son has a practice and he and his dad are packing to take a hunting trip next week, and my daughter has another game, but at a local rink this time.

With any luck, my European friend who is visiting her parents will stop by and watch this game with her adult daughter. Neither of them are familiar with ringette and I’m looking forward to seeing their reaction. 🙂

Now, I have to get my butt off this computer to get some groceries done. Procrastinating about food shopping always leaves me in a lurch…maybe I’ll just buy a lasagna somewhere and push off the trip to the store to another day. Again.

Happy Sunday!

12 thoughts on “What they don’t tell you when you’re pregnant

  1. And then they’re gone, out the door, living on their own and you wonder, where did those years go? If you’re “lucky,” they live nearby (my closest is an hour away, one four hours distant and the son half way across the U.S.). I miss them every day. The craziness. The hugs. Their presence.

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    1. There are no regrets. None. You’ll make the right decision when the time is right…and just for the record,the time is never actually right, it just happens one day and you’ll find peace at at the right moment.

      We were 36 when we started. We know parents who are the same age as us but also parents who are 10, 15 years younger with the same aged kids. It keeps it interesting! 🙂

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