What I say, what they hear

It has occurred to me that what I say and what kids hear is not the same.

Surprise! I bet you didn’t know that… 😉

It appears to me that they have different interpretations of my spoken word. A brief conversation with a grade 8 teacher on a non-related matter, over email, tells me I am not alone. Ha.

I don’t get it though. I think I’m very clear when I speak… 🙃

What I say:

Empty the dishwasher please.

What they hear:

Blah blah blah

What they do:

Absolutely nothing.

Sometimes, I say something and expect them to understand an implication. You know what I mean, right? After x years of living in this household, certain habits and expectations should be ingrained by now, one would think.

What I say:

Please empty the dishwasher.

What I expect:

They get up immediately and empty the dishwasher and reload it with the dirty stuff situated directly above the dishwasher.

What they hear:

Empty the washer now.

What they do:

Empty the washer and put away the dishes (mostly in the correct spots) and then quit.


Empty the washer and put away stuff but reload only their own dirty dishes and not those of their sibling or parents.

I then get to listen to “I’m not doing his/her work!”

This drives me mental! 😮😮😮

So now that I have this irritation out of my system, let’s look at the positive side of things.

Last weekend, while one kid was at the rink, the other helped me vacuum, and then, without asking or nudging, took the Windex and cleaned windows and mirrors. 😘

Another kid, on his way toward the basement, saw the guinea pig plates full of veggies and offered, without being asked, to bring them down to their cage. 😍

Both of them pack (and unpack) their own rink gear, and load the vehicle without being asked (mostly).

Give a little, take a little.

As I continue picking and digging myself through the parenting trenches, every once in a while I have to remind myself to look up and take a breath. In the grand scheme of things, the kids are alright. And so am I.


9 thoughts on “What I say, what they hear

  1. This continues to be an ongoing battle for us, too, No one wants to clean up other people’s mess – it’s SO UNFAIR. We basically have to put our foot down and insist – they’re never going to see it as something nice to do for someone else, or part of their general responsibility around the house. It’s just going to have to be ongoing training for now until they are adults themselves and yelling at their own kids. SOMEDAY :).

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  2. What you’re not realizing right now? That when they’re older and trying to figure out adulting, the lessons they’re seemingly ignoring right now will guide them through it without them being aware of it until after the fact (if at all)

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