So far so good, Tuesday…oops, it’s already Wednesday


Where is it? How do you get some? When can I have some?

I’m so far behind in everything and….

I gotta stop right there. Because this is my week of focusing on the positive. Right?

So, here’s what’s good:

Drama free Tuesday

Tuesday came and went and nothing particularly dramatic happened, for a change. I walked a dog who stayed with me, then while she slept I walked my client’s dog, then I walked to the massage place, then I walked home.

The walk home was particularly nice because I met up with the girl child after school and we walked together. The whole eleven blocks. And although I carried her super heavy backpack, she took it back for the last few blocks to give my recently massaged back a break. 💟

Neck mobility

My neck feels better. I have almost 100% mobility back except when looking left. Progress. Also, relief. That was a brutal couple of weeks when I was incapacitated.

Fall weather

Do you live in North America? In the north east? You may have noticed the leafs change colours. This happens when the days are sunny and warm and the nights cool, even cold.

Rake a pile of golden leaves, then jump in it. Never gets old for kids.
Yellow hues against a blue sky.

I plugged my electric blanket back in on my bed. Comfort at night in ways that feel oh so luxurious. 😘

I also went up in the attic and dug out warmer clothing and PJs for the kids. Never mind most of it doesn’t fit anymore…some things still do. But I foresee a shopping trip in my future. Maybe grandma will help with that, she already asked what’s needed. PJs for the teenager, for one thing…(note to self, send mom some measurements).

High school prep

My teen has an info night tonight. If you read LA over at Wakinguponthewrongsideof50 you’ll know a bit about the college prep her kid goes through. She is at the end of high school but my kid is still only in grade 8. Let me tell you something, this prep for high school, the research and open houses, all the hoopla, it seems awfully similar to the college prep older teens go through. I think to myself, better get on with it so he doesn’t fall behind, takes the right path, blah blah blah and then I think OMG MY BABY IS ONLY 13.


And with this, I must end my blogging stint today. My tea and hazelnut bar are done anyway and I gotta drag my butt over to my laptop and get some banking done. And order school pictures. And update teamsnap. And check out the tournament times. And input schedules. And verify schedules. And submit expense reports. And and and…figure out what to make for dinner.



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