So far, so good, Monday…keep it up

(Previously published in error, thanks to WP mobile…sorry. This is now the edited and corrected version.)

My new lamp has disappeared!

Well, not really, I let my partner take it down to his basement office after I left for a grocery trip.

I had it placed at the breakfast table this morning next to where my birthday girl sat, to blast her with a bit of light. Then, the teen arrived just as she was getting a lift from her dad and he, too, got his light fix this morning. Finally, when I had a chance to sit at my laptop, I blasted myself, but not nearly long enough. I only had a two-hour window to get groceries, a cake and some balloons before walking the dog for my clients.

Rush rush rush. Who ever said SAHMs live the life of leisure?

It was raining when I got back, and my lamp was gone. Well at least someone is getting use out of it. Tomorrow, everyone is out of the house and I don’t need to run any errands, that will be my time.

This is what it was like when I was out walking the dog. Colour under a grey sky…

The building is part of the college next door…they bought up this and many similar buildings and converted them into academic classrooms. Formerly known as the Insane Asylum, I’m happy to see that the college maintained the beautiful architecture.

Here’s another couple of shots from a sunnier day.

Walking along here has its perks…certainly, the pictures are deceiving in the sense that I live in a huge metropolitan city of almost 3 million people. Doesn’t appear that way, does it? Not too many people around, big open fields, huge ancient trees…

Happy Monday!

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