Focus on the good, the happy, and leave the crap behind you

This coming week I have resolved to focus on the good, the happy, the positives. I’m tired of feeling bogged down, dependent and moody.

So here are a few things I’m looking forward to next week:


My girl is turning 11 on Monday! Nothing quite compares to a child looking forward to her birthday now, does it? There is an enthusiasm in children that is infectious…and I can’t wait to see her face at my choice of gifts. We agreed already that she will open presents after school, not at breakfast, since she has running practice early (she’s advancing to round 2 in cross country) which is great for me as I will have time to get her some helium balloons and a cake. Had no time to buy or bake one on Sunday.

Circadian Optics lamp

I have received a Circadian Optics lamp as a gift. I’m going to blast myself with this light every morning while scheduling, writing and banking at my laptop. It’s supposed to help regulate our sleep and awake cycles and improve moods among other things.

The trick will be to get the hockey kid to stay away from it in the mornings…

I let him use it on Sunday morning prior to a practice…but tomorrow will be my turn. 😉


My friend is in town from Germany. I got to have lunch with her and her adult daughter, and she mentioned she may have time to pop by this week to see our renovated house. Last time she was here it wasn’t renovated yet, so I’m looking forward to seeing her expression.

Dog walking

This coming week should be a full week of dog walking for me. Last week they only needed me twice, so next week, if all goes to plan, I’ll have a full week of walking exercise, as well as a full week of pay. 💰


I’m getting another massage on Tuesday to help my stiff neck and back situation. Both the chiropractor and doctor were encouraging, and I’m fortunate that my husband’s insurance reimburses us 80%. It feels luxurious to be able to treat myself even if it’s for medical reasons.

The rest of the week will be busy as usual with ringette practice, hockey games and practice, and a highschool information night for my son. We visited a few open houses through the Catholic school board already but chances are he will stay in the public system, so we’ll see what the info night will tell us. In Canada, especially in Toronto, the French Immersion programs are extremely popular and my son and daughter both are well suited and content learning in both official languages. He is interested in pursuing the French option at the secondary level as well which makes me, a multi-lingual person, quite happy.

And so we’re trekking along through October. See you next week!

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