News, social media and the drama of the day

I used to consume the news every morning over coffee. I’d supplement the broadcast on TV by googling the stories that interested me on my phone, and then I’d get on with my day.

I still do this occasionally, but I tend to stick with a morning show that tells me pertinent information affecting me directly (weather, snow day school closures, transit delays, that sort of thing) rather than the more analytical, opinionated stories that require too much mental power to digest during the first coffee of the day. So a local TV breakfast show rather than a national overview.

Know what I mean?

There’s plenty of time to seek out the national and international news during another part of the day. If at all.

Sometimes however, I may just scan some headlines to get a quick fix; a sort of ‘satisfy my curiosity about x and y without too much detail’. In those circumstances, I tend to ask myself questions but then hesitate to delve deeper to find out more. You know, like this:

What did Trump do now?

Oh, there’s another hurricane building in the Atlantic?

How many people were killed in that accident?

Twitter is good that way for me. I follow less persons and more news outlets for that reason. I read the headline, sometimes click the link, and consume until I’m done. Or not.

Sometimes the headline is all I need or want.

But there’s another side to twitter. I find twitter less engaging than blogs, and more detrimental to my mental stamina. Just a few weeks ago I unfollowed a bunch of drivel type tweeples (twitter people), and now that their irritating banter is gone off my feed, I once again enjoy popping over there for reading.

Much less clutter to sift through.

I’m tired of all the ongoing drama. I have enough personal drama without adding politicians, celebrities or random Joe Blows into my life. 🙄

Speaking of drama, my teen texted me from his soccer tournament at school today. He broke his toe, apparently.

I was out walking a dog so I texted him back to call his dad who was working from home. He, in turn, texted me to say the boy is fine now, doesn’t want to be picked up.

“He said he broke something,” I told him when I got home.

“It was supposed to be a joke,” I was informed with a healthy dose of eye-rolling. “His cleats are too small.”

Some joke.



When this kind of drama takes place on a daily, sometimes hourly basis, who needs more crap to hear on social media?

Not me, that’s who.

Of course, now that I’m also on Instagram, I’m very aware of my own filter needs. I tend to be much more selective whom I choose to follow on this app, for one thing.

Instagram seems more photographic than twitter, and I do enjoy looking at the creativity people share. In many ways IG is more interesting to me than twitter for that reason.

Having said that, I’m not ready to give up twitter. I do read thought provoking stories on there, say when I’m stuck at a rink for two hours and the players are still in warm-up (some days I’m just not into chatting much…). Or at a doctor’s office, waiting for appointments. Or in the car while someone else is driving.

My favorite part of the day though remains my mornings. Coffee and my WordPress reader to check in with fellow bloggers. Not social media…blogs. That’s my bliss. 😘

Especially now that I remain semi-incapacitated due to my neck issue which prevents me from driving.

“Sorry, darling, can’t turn my head. Take the bus!” I yell at my kids over my first cuppa joe every morning. 😃

I know many of you stay away from the news altogether, but some of you might still consume some occasionally. How do you get your information? Does anyone still read newspapers? Or is it all about apps today?

Bonus question: Did you notice the italicized word in this blog post? If there’s a grammar genius out there, perhaps you can educated me whether to say ‘who’ or whom’ in that particular sentence. I edited it several times and I’m still not sure which is correct:

Of course, now that I’m also on Instagram, I’m very aware of my own filter needs. I tend to be much more selective whom I choose to follow on this app, for one thing.

10 thoughts on “News, social media and the drama of the day

  1. As a person with a journalism degree and work experience as a newspaper reporter and photographer, I read our local daily paper every morning. I also read Minnesota Public Radio’s website for state and national news. Now, more than ever, good strong journalists are needed to gather the facts and write. They are not “the enemy.” We need a strong, enduring and free press. It is important to our democracy. Read the work of journalists, whether online or in print.

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  2. The storm hit Mexico Beach which is not near us. President Trump will visit Florida next week. Kavangaugh just hired the first all-women law clerk team for the Supreme Court. There! Now you are all caught up on what counts! Enjoy the day.

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  3. I agree. It is great to filter out all of the drama. Whom and who still get me sometimes. I pulled this off the net:Whom should be used to refer to the object of a verb or preposition. When in doubt, try this simple trick: If you can replace the word with “he”’ or “’she,” use who. If you can replace it with “him” or “her,” use whom.”

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  4. Woot woot! We’re friends on Instagram!!! This friendship just got serious! 😀

    I selectively choose my news stories from AP and occasionally catch a local or national broadcast.

    Also #facebookfreefor6months and #lovingit

    Occasionally glance at Twitter, but it’s too much like my own racing thoughts! Ha!

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  5. I have an easy trick for the who-and-whom dilemma … try using he and him in the sentence instead, if you ‘him’ sounds correct, then use ‘whom’. In your case “whom I choose to follow” becomes “I chose to follow him” or “I chose to follow he”. The answer is obvious now. You got it right! 😉

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