Canadian cornbread

Just because we live in cold climes doesn’t mean we don’t know how to make decent cornbread. πŸ™ƒ

Ok, so Toronto wasn’t cold in the last five or six months; I never even turned the air conditioner off through the months of June right into mid September…hot and humid were the conditions up here I tell ya!

Which is probably why our friend had great success growing various hot peppers on his balcony. These ones:

Home grown Canadian hot peppers

He brought some over for us and I immediately salivated for cornbread spiked with these hot little numbers.


For inspiration I used this recipe. I adjusted the ingredients slightly:

  • I used 2 Tbsp of sugar instead of 4
  • I made my own buttermilk with whole milk and table cream (because that’s all I had) mixed with 1 Tbsp of lemon juice

I baked my cornbread batter in a preheated cast iron skillet. If you scroll down the recipe in the link, it explains exactly what to do if using an iron skillet.

Cast iron skillet cornbread with hot peppers

I served it with a dollop of sour cream with some chives snipped in.

Hot pepper cornbread with sour cream and chives

There was just enough heat for my husband and daughter, but the other two (my son and I) could probably handle more. I may use two hot peppers instead of one next time.

I will definitely make this recipe again. But first, I’m also inspired by this casserole, so as soon as we get cold and rainy weather (not ready yet!) I’ll be experimenting again.

Stay tuned for that adventure. 😜

Do you have a favorite cornbread recipe you’d like to share? Provide a link in the comments and I’ll compose a list and link back to your blog.


5 thoughts on “Canadian cornbread

  1. Your post inspired me to make the linked casserole last night. The only comment I would make is that the cornbread I made was too much cornbread for the amount of casserole in the dish (The meat layer was maybe 1-2 cm high and the corn bread rose to 3 or 4 cm in some cases) I just googled a recipe that did not seem too sweat, and then subbed in GF flour. I would double the meat layer next time and reduce the cornbread layer. (and maybe serve the leftover cornbread on the side) everyone enjoyed it, and it will be added into the winter rotation going forward.

    Thanks for the dinner suggestion

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