Sport parenting in crossover season: baseball and hockey

This Saturday morning in September promises to be hot and sunny. Perfect weather for baseball.

One kid took off with her dad to play the first of at least two, maybe three games this weekend. They left about 25 minutes before I did with the other kid.

Her baseball team starts playoffs this morning, and her diamond is slightly further away than her brother’s.

My son plays his last regular season game today. His playoffs start next weekend.

As I type this I’m sitting in my baseball chair, without coffee, at 8:55 am at my son’s diamond.

It’s already hot, but not unpleasant (yet).

I have to pee.

There’s a porta potty in the parking lot.

I don’t have to pee that badly.

Maybe later, I’ll head over to the Tim’s and get a coffee, use their facilities…

The game is two hours.

Over at the other diamond, the daughter and husband will also play two hours. If they win this game, they play again at noon. This is why I packed them sandwiches.

There was no sleeping in for me this morning.

There is no porta potty at my daughter’s location. They will have to drive someplace to pee.

Maybe the school nearby is open…

The city of Toronto, and the baseball league we’re with, did not think this bathroom situation through. During the summer months, when the select and rep teams play, they leave the porta potties at the diamonds. But when house league teams recommence after the summer break, and the rep teams are done playing, the porta potties either disappear, or get locked.

After my son’s ball game is over we will head home for lunch. At some point I hope to hear how the girls are doing. If they play a second game, I may drive up there to watch.

Fortnite boy can stay home and rest up for his hockey game later.

By the time baseball is over for the day, I will likely have to update some schedules in the teamsnap app, preparing the playoff parents for their daughter’s next games.

I volunteered this year to be the administrator and schedule the things for the girls team.

After that, it’ll be time to get ready for the rink. My son has a hockey game at 6 pm.

But first, the girl child will need dropping off at a friend’s. They have been invited to a birthday party, and to my daughter this is more enticing than going to watch her brother’s hockey game.

She is missing a Ringette tryout today, but she’s not worried. There are five other tryouts, and she’s played rep for several years. Her oldest friend’s birthday at a climbing place appeals to her more. Besides, there will be pizza and cake after. And maybe ice cream.

For 11 year olds, birthday parties are important. πŸ˜‰

Dropping her off with her friend allows me to see my son’s last game in this hockey tournament. He’s had several games already but there was either a conflict, or the game was too late and far away, interfering with the younger child’s bedtime.

I haven’t seen any hockey yet, and the preseason has been on for a couple of weeks already.

Today, I get to go to the rink! I’m kinda excited…

I wonder where I put my long pants…the weather is still so summery, I haven’t considered digging out the winter gear just yet.

This may therefore be the last post you’ll read from me … I can’t really blog if I freeze to death tonight. πŸ™ƒπŸ’

14 thoughts on “Sport parenting in crossover season: baseball and hockey

  1. We have the same bathroom he’ll here. When my daughter played soccer and softball we used to beg the garage people to let us use the facilities. Occasionally they brought in portas. My daughter faces the same issue with high school tennis…not all the courts have bathrooms. So, while we want them to be hydrated, they run the risk of needing facilities that aren’t available

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  2. LOL – thank goodness I’m not the only mom who plans around where the potty is!! I’m sure there were more important points you’d prefer to be pointed out, but…seriously…a pee spot is pretty big for some people! Enjoy your busy weekend! I’ll toast you at the winery as I sit and enjoy a glass of wine with the Mr. my fellow empty nester! Cheers!

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  3. Funny. That is the way I analyze one of my commutes to my adjunct teaching. I used to teach online but now I have in person classes on campus and the commute is far. Going to the bathroom or finding a bathroom becomes a priority before, after and during my class schedule.

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