Midway through: trekking along through September

It’s already Wednesday.

Or, it’s only Wednesday… 😛

I feel like I’m on the bottom of a very steep hill and the top is just out of reach.

How does one get up there?

I know, I know…one step at a time.

I’d rather go back to bed. Instead, I have to descend the stairs to the basement once again and continue my project. (Two bags, not just one, went out yesterday, HA!)

If I reach the top of my hill before the end of this day, I may just roll down it,  like a child would. Sideways and without any worry about grass stains on my clothes or the potential of landing in inconspicuous mud puddles.

When I get to the bottom….IF I get there in one piece, I may not get up. I may just have a nap.


Having said all that, I must say I’m making good progress with my objectives for the week. But I’m not done, and the rest of the week is busier than the first part, AND the weekend is so full of uncertainties with the kids playoffs and tournaments…(you don’t know how the weekend will turn out until each game results are computed, kind of thing) so I’m just gonna say this:

I’m looking forward to Monday.


But now? ☕☕☕

Happy Hump Day.

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