Moods: up and down like a roller coaster

Moods. Who needs them? Not me. Wish I could be a very even-keeled kind of person who doesn’t fluctuate between depression and rage, and everything in between.


Yesterday I purged the rec room. This was not my intention but, I stepped down there for something and my mom-rage ignited.

Worked all day on it. I have a picture of that part of the room now which induces serenity and calm. Just don’t turn your head into any direction other than forward when you sit on the couch, because the mess and chaos behind you will spike cardiac arrest.

I should post the picture to the wall, blown up into a large, poster-size format, to remind people how to leave the room when unplugging or finishing up whatever they’re doing down there…

So while my mind is in overdrive on how to continue to purge and organize that basement area, I must focus on how to maintain mood equilibrium.

I know what to do:

  • No sugar
  • Low carb
  • Protein starting with breakfast

I’m on a mission here. But, this evening is packed with activities, conflicting with each other of course, and I’ll be a short order cook as of 4pm.

Maybe I’ll just fill one bag with recyclables. One bag out of my house is better than no bag out of my house.

Am I right?


18 thoughts on “Moods: up and down like a roller coaster

  1. Yes on the recyclables. I find something – cathartic – about either throwing stuff out or donating it. Just knowing that that stuff won’t be around YET AGAIN, makes you feel better inside.

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  2. Ha! I can remember when my kids were younger and leaving stuff all over the house, tearing through a room and discarding a bunch of stuff in a mom-fueled rage too! I know it doesn’t help in the immediate sense, but this will pass. My house is a lot quieter now, my grocery bills are much smaller and when I clean a room it stays clean for a much longer time, but you know what? I kind of miss the noise and chaos sometimes. Then the grandkids come over! 🙂

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  3. I wish I had words of wisdom, but I don’t. If you were nearby, though, I’d make us a tray of brownies and bring them over and we’d eat them outside in the sunshine while sipping on wine and bitching about our husbands and offspring. This would fix nothing, of course, but sometimes similar experiments are the only remedy, if only temporary, for those moods.

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  4. Go for it. If they leave it lying around it goes buh-bye. I just finished finally shoveling out the bedroom closet that serves as an attic in my house and I feel liberated!! A week of fair weather now predicted so it’s yard work marathon time!! I’m pumped!


  5. LOL – I did that – spent the day organizing, took a before and after shot, and framed them for the kids so they knew what “clean” was…did it work? I adore the clean look, but I still enjoy looking back at the before shot to remember how much fun they had making messes…being preoccupied…and learning…

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      1. You’d be surprised how steep even a baby hill feels when you’re climbing. And sadly, due to a knee injury, going down is even harder. But I’m a mountain girl and I’ll be hiking mountains today, trust me.

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      2. Wow! That’s super cool. I have learned from the past two years, even gentle inclines can be challenging. I keep finding people in better shape than I am who think nothing of what for me is a serious challenge.
        Maybe I should give up sugar. 🤔

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