Weekend glimpse: few words, more pictures

Sunday was spent grocery shopping with my daughter. She picked out this White Swan pumpkin to put next to our little orange guy we got at a farm a few weeks ago.  It’s not big, about the size of a child’s head.

It was almost cold this morning. A few days ago the a/c was on full blast and today we wore jackets and sweaters. Huh. Apparently the remnants of Gordon is causing it to be cold and rainy up here…but, summer weather is returning on Tuesday again so we’re not quite ready to put away shorts and t-shirts.

We also bought Roma tomatoes. A lot of tomatoes. What should I make with all my tomatoes?

At home, we started a little bit of fall decorating. These Chinese Lanterns are exploding in my front yard and every year I vow I’ll dig ’em up. Every year I don’t. Or, I do but I leave some. They do look pretty all dried and papery like this, but I warn you, they are invasive. Do not plant them where you don’t want them to spread.

Directly next to my tiny desk on the main floor is a small charging station for everyone’s various electronic devices. Above the big power bar is a basket-like thingy with compartments that fits everyone’s phones and tablets. But, their devices always end up on my mouse pad (ok, piece of cardboard I’ll eventually replace). Why can’t they put it in the basket? WHY?

Just for that reason whoever the offender is in the above picture, leaving their phone and ear buds on my space, will not get one of these freshly baked buns. That’s my payback! 🙄 (If you’re a parent you know as well as I do that the buns will get eating by offenders and non-offenders alike…)

And that was my Sunday. Ready to tackle next week? One more sleep… 😛

11 thoughts on “Weekend glimpse: few words, more pictures

  1. Oh I love the Chinese Lanterns. I’ll have to see if they would grow here.
    And pumpkins! Ahhh! Just a few more weeks and I’ll start putting out some fall decor. Just can’t do it when it’s still high 80’s.
    And Roma tomatoes? Hmmmm. Maybe the ones you get are different, but they never have any flavor to me….

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    1. I think the tomatose are used for canning mostly, when the flavor seems to come out more. I was thinking of making sauce…you know, for kids who eat endless pastas and pizzas…. 🙂

      You’re the second ‘southern’ person who asked me if lanterns grow in the South. Well, one of you can find out and post about it. 🙂

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      1. Ah, see I know nothing of canning anything. I should learn though – I think it would be fun. And economical.

        I don’t recall having seen lanterns at any of the nurseries. I’ll just have to do some research.

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  2. Me too, well, I had some Sprite-0 with a dash of wine for flavor…does that count against me? 😉
    Love your idea for the tomatoes, I was going to say keto spaghetti sauce.
    Do Chinese lanterns grow in the south? They are so pretty, so are your pumpkins…just can’t get into fall yet, never want summer to end, lol.
    They don’t put them in the basket for the same reason my husband never makes the laundry basket but drops his socks RIGHT NEXT TO IT!

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  3. Make insalata caprese with those tomatoes (all you need is buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, and a drizzle of olive oil and balsic vinegar, topped with a shot of sea salt. Yummy. And even though I’m trying to be strictly no carb, I will have one of those fresh baked buns, please. Really. I mean I can smell them from here! Why are you torturing me this way? Gimme a bun!!! Bwaaaaahhh!😉😊

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    1. Lol
      Ok salad idea is great, I happen to have fresh basil in my garden still. 😉

      The buns are meant mostly for the kids as I too eat low or no carb. But then I had a glass of wine so what the hell I fell off the wagon again and…blah. 🙃

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