All alone at home on the first day back to school

So I accompanied my 10yo to school this morning. First day of grade 6! Her previous days’ anxiety is gone and she chatted pleasantly during our walk.

By the time we got to the street light where we had to cross, a tram stopped. Out piled a bunch of kids my daughter knew.

We all crossed the street together and then it happened:

I blinked.

When I opened my eyes again she was gone. I could see glimpses of what looked like her backpack waaaaaay up ahead so I followed along the remaining block until I got to the school yard.

Yep, she was there, flitting here and there the way girls do, yip yapping and giggling and hugging everyone.


After a while they lined up, my girl child right at the front of the line, and I watched her march in.

She didn’t even wave.


I’m glad. I saw some kids who were clingy, or crying, first time at this school. But not my child, not this time. She got her crying out of the way a few weeks ago.

Don’t ask me, I don’t understand either. I’m just happy she had a good, first start of the day today.

The boy child left on his own, but at the same time as us. He may have been on the same tram where my daughter’s friends came out of, but I didn’t see him. He had a few stops to go still. He’s not worried, he’s been going to that school for a few years and knows the drill.

I treated myself to a coffee on my walk back home, then threw in laundry I hope to hang out in this continuing ‘stupid heat’, and made a bunch of protein salads.

Like this one:

Mixed colour Quinoa, roasted yellow beets (from yesterday, thinking ahead), left over steak cut into bite-sized pieces, fennel (crunchy), feta cheese and whatever herbs and greens are still growing in my garden.

Olive oil and just a touch of balsamic vinegar, sea salt and pepper to finish off the spicing and that was lunch for me today. And maybe lunch for the school kids tomorrow.

Happy back to school day! How was your morning?

13 thoughts on “All alone at home on the first day back to school

  1. Sorry-not sure if it was your daughter’s first day at a new school or if that was just a reference about some of the kids. Anyway, hope all goes well!

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  2. Lovely to hear the first day at a new school went well for your daughter!
    I received texts during the day from son saying his day was going great. Can only hope it keeps up!

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  3. That’s a wonderful observation, ‘flitting here and there the way girls do, yip yapping and giggling and hugging everyone’, this afternoon I witnessed @12 girls doing EXACTLY as you described! To the word! And 2 of them earlier had me in stitches talking about leg waxing for heaven sake, (but I’m saving that one for a post one day)

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