Tuesday ramble: the last stretch of summer vacation

This is pretty much what I felt like yesterday….day after returning from vacation.

I snapped this photo of my girl child while we were still in the County; it was hot and humid, her dad was sampling beer with his sister and BIL, and the kids were bored. 🍻

So she climbed that structure and stayed up there. In the bright sunshine. 🐒

Upon returning to my SIL’s house the kids went next door to cool off in the pool while the rest of us packed up the van. 🚐

Every year I say: next time we’re taking less.

Every year, we take more.

On the way out of the County we stopped here:

Despite the fridge being broken (again), we still picked up 3 dozen eggs. My girl proudly deposited the coins into the little coffee tin and wondered if anyone would dare to take eggs and  not pay.

You can’t beat fresh farm eggs, now can you? We still have room in the garage fridge for a few eggs…and there’s always coolers and ice. 🍳

Rest of the week we’re winding down from summer vacation, gearing up for back to school, aka #FortniteDetox (hahaha!!), and the return of hockey season. Practice tonight to prepare for the preseason tournament in two weeks. And again tomorrow. And the next day.

Wanna know what else? We got rid of the Civic. 😊 We inherited a new car recently and found it surprisingly difficult to get rid of the old Honda. Finally someone took it, and the cash obtained for it will partially cover the fridge repairs.

It. Never. Ends.

Wonder if we’ll move into a condo as empty nesters…?

Now, if you’ll allow me to make a second cup of coffee, I will get off this couch and start preparing for the guinea pig pick-up at my parents’ place.

Happy Tuesday!

9 thoughts on “Tuesday ramble: the last stretch of summer vacation

  1. Mmmmm, farm fresh eggs…that’s the good stuff! Glad to hear the sale of your Civic will help your fridge situation. It’s tough when they quit working. Ours is getting dicey…hoping it holds out till tax time, cause I can’t get rid of my Civic till I can afford to replace it too. 🙂

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  2. Love fresh eggs. Alas….I can’t always get to the farmers market to get them. Here’s to hockey! My daughter has had tennis practice for a few weeks now…first scrimmage today. And so it begins…

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  3. Just FYI: yard eggs (unwashed & unsealed eggs) are fine for 30 days with absolutely no refrigeration. I know this because the health inspector who checked the produce stand for compliance had a question about our eggs being in a 42F cooler. He did the research, spoke with his superior, and relayed his findings to us. At 42F, those eggs were almost cooled to the standards set for commercially processed eggs, when they were actually ok to be sitting on a shelf with no refrigeration for 30 days.

    I learned the most random stuff working at that produce stand😯

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  4. Happy Tuesday! Love your photo choices, and YES – you can’t beat farm fresh eggs! Plus the protein helps you find the energy to take on all the challenges!

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