Inspirational welcomes at the front door

This one is appropriate whether you have kids, or pets (or in some cases, spouses). They’re all home-wreckers! Ha.

Saw that at a winery. πŸ˜€

My SIL has no kids of her own and dotes on mine, but she has her own home-wreckers…Patton and Winston. πŸ™ƒ

They were thrilled with my two activity-seekers, both of whom threw the frisbee countless times despite the humid conditions, much to Winston’s delight especially. 😊

Needless to say, they were beyond exhausted by the time we left. 😴 The dogs, not the kids. The kids went swimming in the neighbors’ pool. 😎

Later, in town, I saw this, which I should have picked up as a reminder aka motivator to get my dog walking business started. πŸ˜‰

On our way home now. Kids are hyper/loud/annoying/hungry and we’re only halfway home.

Traffic sucks.

More later.


7 thoughts on “Inspirational welcomes at the front door

      1. I just had a nurse at my doctor’s office tell me the same thing. We were talking about my posture (they said it was good), and how the slouching I’ve been noticing is really just physics and all things descend into chaos anyway so why fight it with good posture?πŸ˜†

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