When mom needs medical assistance: a different perspective

So yesterday, I posted about my medical issue requiring a visit to the emergency room. And many of you have commented and dialogued with each other on that experience, which has been fascinating to read. ❀

Now I’m going to present you with another perspective of the same experience. Confused? Bear with me for a minute… πŸ™‚

As some of you know, I have another blog. There’s a link on this blog in the top right margin that you can click anytime you fancy.

Why two blogs? Well, this blog is more about me the mom, me the wife, me the parent, me the fortnite enforcer, me the cook and driver and blah blah BLAH.

But my other blog, that’s where I get selfish. That blog is completely focused on hearing loss.

My hearing loss.

When I wrote here about my emergency room situation, I didn’t mention my hearing loss. But I seem to have a dual personality, and having two blogs actually help me process some of my issues. I like that I keep the two separate (the mom blog and the hearing challenge blog).

So now I invite you to read my experience in the emergency room from the perspective of a person with hearing loss. And, as a special treat, I go back a number of years and illustrate that this problem is not new, to me.

Looking forward to your comments on this one. And, thank you for reading!

Here is my other story of the same experience:

Sitting in waiting rooms with hearing loss


7 Replies to “When mom needs medical assistance: a different perspective”

  1. Oh, my gosh…I can’t imagine how in the world you are able to keep track of 2 blogs…and kids…and a home…yowzers! Congrats, you earn a medal of honor! (If I had the power to issue one that is!)

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  2. A different perspective, indeed! We all take things for granted, I suppose, but I’m glad you shared this. I would have never thought about the kind of challenge a situation like this might pose for an individual with hearing loss if you hadn’t.

    How is your eye, by the way?

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    1. Good morning. I have drops, so it feels all better now, thank you. Not wearing my contacts has helped too, but I miss them. It’s so humid here now, I feel like we live in the deep South, so glasses are not particularly comfortable on my face. Better stay indoors in A/C. πŸ˜‰


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