How to fail at low carb dieting




There, I said it.Β  Silky, smooth, homemade, vanilla-flavoured custard. With cold, freshly whipped, unsweetened whip cream.

That’s how you fail after a week of focus and determination.

I blame hormones. πŸ™„

Nothing I can do but start again. Right? Except…

There was more custard and whip cream in the fridge. And since I failed the previous day, and the custard won’t eat itself, I may as well finish it.

Topped with raspberries.


Homemade custard is so easy to make and so quick, I recommend making your own whenever you can. The packaged stuff will do in a pinch, but if you read the ingredient list you’ll see so many unpronounceable items it’s really not worth it.

Who needs chemicals and enhancers in their food? Not me, that’s who.

Bonus: when you make homemade you can choose the amount of sugar to add yourself. Every recipe I’ve googled recommended too much sugar, for me. When I made the above mentioned custard, the recipe said half a cup of sugar.

I used two tablespoons.

I also used unsweetened whip cream. The vanilla gives it enough flavour and sweetness, and if you eat your custard with fresh berries, you’ll get even more sweetness then.

So, long story short.

I fell off the low carb wagon. Because sugar is a carb, technically.

Big whoop.

Tell me, do you get a craving in your head and there is nothing you can do except find a way, any way, to get it immediately?

I can’t be the only one. πŸ˜‰


16 thoughts on “How to fail at low carb dieting

  1. Yes, I have that sweet tooth craving. Lately, I’ve used Dum Dum lollipops to bring it to an end without too much damage. You can buy a big bag in the supermarket or a pharmacy in the candy section. They’re very small, have sugar, but the whole experience is quick and satisfying.

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  2. I want the recipe.

    Also, yes. I wanted chocolate today and my repo guy brought me two bags of candy bars. I ate 4 of them. They were “fun size”. Fun indeed! 😜

    Tomorrow is another day, my friend. You’ve been working hard in the house. I approve of the choice to eat the custard.

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